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New York Rangers Leaders by Position
We guess Walker Texas Ranger isn't one of those.
NHL Photo Minefield: MVPs
Can you click all of the players who have won an NHL MVP without clicking on any who haven't?
Group Clicking: Sports
Can you click on ANY athlete that corresponds to the given sport?
Click the AHL Logos
Can you find the right logo for all American Hockey League teams?
Which Canadian Thing?
When in doubt, ask a Mountie.
Arizona Coyotes Leaders by Position
Nobody tell them that coyotes typically do not hunt in packs.
NHL Team Anagrams
Pick the NHL Team Anagrams.
Get the Picture: Gretzky or Lemieux?
Can you choose if each hint is pertaining to Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux?
Big 4 Sport in Films
Can you choose which of the Big 4 sports is primarily focused on in the given movie's plot?
NHL - 50 stars, 50 jersey numbers
Match the NHL player with the jersey number he wore.
Sportspeople Born Each Day In May
Name the Famous Sportspeople who were born on each day in May.
Hockey on TV Shows
For a quiz about hockey, Canadian characters are woefully underrepresented.
5OT NHL Playoff Games
Name the teams who have gone into 5 overtime periods in an NHL Playoff game? (*Winning team is on top).
Get the Picture: Sports Penalties
Can you choose which sports league matches the given penalty or infraction?
Last 3 Letter Pairs: NHL Teams
Name the NHL teams that share their last three letters with exactly one other team.
Big 4 Champions when Jimmy Carter was President
Name the the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA teams that won at least one championship during Jimmy Carter's presidency.
Hockey players in 15 Seconds
Pick the first and last name of each of these Ice Hockey players.
NHL Single Season Assist Leaders
Name the player who led the NHL in assists for each season.
Detroit Sports Stars
This was picked for what would have been my father's 85th birthday. He was a fan of so many of these athletes.
Minnesota Wild Leaders by Position
What makes them so wild? We aren't sure.
Sports Movies on a Map
Can you identify an important city from sports movies when given a point on a map?
Ice Hockey Penalties (Picture Click)
Can you click the Ice Hockey penalties when given the penalty name?
Athletes Hall of Fame: 'A'
Sorry, the other ones don't have hairstyles as epic as this guy.
NHL Secondary Logos
Name the NHL teams by their secondary logos.
NHL Hall of Famers by Team 10-to-1
Can you sort these NHL Hall of Famers by their Main Teams from 10-1?
Criteria NHL Teams
Luckily, being able to play hockey is not a criterion for taking this quiz.
Longest Serving Boston Bruins by Jersey Number
Name the Longest Serving Boston Bruins by Jersey Number.
Last Ten Stanley Cup Champions
The first ten champions wouldn't stop rubbing it in, so.
How Are We Related?: Sportspeople
Can you choose whether the pair of sportspeople on each slide are siblings (s) or a parent and their child (p)?
NHL Awards Crossword
Can you fill the NHL awards themed crossword?
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