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NHL Point-Per-Game Seasons Since Lockout
Apparently the lockout treated these guys well.
NHL Top 100 Goal Scorers (2000s)
Happy Gilmore probably would've made this list if he hadn't changed careers.
NHL Playoffs Stats Leaders
Name the hockey players leading the NHL in these statistical categories for the playoffs.
NHL Goalies A to Z*
Can you score on this goalie quiz?
NHL Stats Leaders per Decade
But who leads the pack in terms of most fistfights?
NHL Teams by Abbreviation
Pick the NHL teams by their corresponding abbreviations.
Champion Countries (Team Sports)
Name the world champion country for each team sport.
Which St. Louis Sports Team?
Can you determine whether each given athlete is a player on the St. Louis Cardinals or St. Louis Blues?
NHL Easy Quiz
Can you find the correct answer to these basic NHL questions?
Not On Their Logo: Pittsburgh Penguins
Pick the things that aren't on the Pittsburgh Penguins logo, without picking something that is.
100 Greatest NHL Players of All Time
Name the 100 Greatest NHL Players of All Time? (1917-2017).
Find the Missing Fauna in Big 4 Teams, Part 2
Can you click on the correct animal that completes each Big 4 sports team?
NHL Point Scorers 1970s
Name the NHL players with the most points from 1969/70 to 1978/79.
NHL Point Scorers 1980s
Name the NHL players with the most points from 1979/80 to 1988/89.
#1 Picks in the HoF (Big 4)
"Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else." - Vince Lombardi
Word Ladder: California Hockey
Name the four-letter words in this NHL-themed ladder.
NHL Top Non-Canadian Goal Scorers
Only a true beautician on the ice could pull off a mullet of lettuce like that, eh?
NHL Top Scorers (First Half of the 2010s)
Name the NHL players with the most points from 2009/10 to 2013/14.
6+ Points in One NHL Playoff Game
These stats are impressive by anyone's standard.
Any Player Besides Wayne Gretzky
Well, there goes your usual strategy for hockey quizzes.
NHL Winter Classic Winners
An NHL tradition every New Year's Day.
Family Feud - Sports Edition
We surveyed 100 people... the top answers are:
Logic Puzzle: NHL Teams
Name the NHL Teams based on the clues given.
Stanley Cup Champion Goalies
Name the Every Stanley Cup Champion Goalie.
NHL - Top 5 Points Per Franchise (Slideshow)
Name the Top 5 point scorers for each NHL franchise from their pictures.
NHL Top 50 Interlockout Scorers (2005-2012)
In case you're confused, Gary Bettman is NOT on this list.
FIH Field Hockey World Cup
Name the top four nations in each edition of both the men's and women's Field Hockey World Cup.
Clickable Athlete Siblings
Pick the family member in the sports industry from their siblings (who are also in the sports industry) names.
NHL League Leaders 2012
We always guess Bobby Orr because we just had to assume he's still playing somewhere.
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