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NHL Starting Goalies
Life in the crease: 70% boredom and 30% panic.
Miracle on Ice Millionaire
Name the answers to the Miracle questions in order to win $1,000,000.
Ice Hockey Countries
It helps if your country is a little chilly and filled with Hanson brothers.
Pick the NHL Teams Alphabetically
Pick the NHL Teams in alphabetical order of team name? (numbers before letters...).
Favorite Sport Logic Puzzle
Can you tell which sport each person likes best of (b)aseball, bas(k)etball, American (f)ootball, (h)ockey, and (s)occer?
NHL without N-H-L
Name the NHL teams that don't have the letters 'N, H, or L' written in their name (city doesn't count).
NHL Point-Per-Game Seasons Since Lockout
Apparently the lockout treated these guys well.
40 Goal NHL Seasons Since 2000
This quiz will strike fear into the heart of any goalie.
NHL Top 50 Players 2017-2018
Name the NHL Top 50 Players as named by the NHL Network for the 2017-2018 Season.
Simpsons Sports Quotes
Pick the correct word to complete the Simpsons sports quote.
Letter 'A' Hall of Famers
You can't fight City Hall, but we'd take on the Hall of Fame.
NHL States Minefield
No one wants to skate on a minefield.
Athletes of the 2010s
Name these baseball, American football, basketball, hockey, golf, and tennis players who were all active in the 2010s.
Unique Letter NHL Teams
These teams just like to stand out from the rest.
10 to 1: Sports Hall of Fame
Nowadays, they'll make a Hall of Fame for just about anything.
NHL Winter Classic Winners
An NHL tradition every New Year's Day.
NHL Conn Smythe Winners
The Conn Smythe Trophy has been awarded 43 times to 37 players since the 1964-65 NHL season. Maybe you have heard of a few of these guys?
NHL Franchises East to West
Little Known Fact: Zambonis can only drive from East to West.
NHL Teams by Name Length
If only the Seattle Metropolitans hadn't folded in 1924...
Athlete Sorting XIX
Can you match up these athletes with the sports they played?
Athlete Sorting XVIII
Can you match up these athletes with the sports they played?
Closest NHL Teams to Mexico
Assuming that all teams are in their home arena, can you name the ones closest to Mexico without mistaking?
Athletes of the 1970s
'You can't win unless you learn how to lose.'
NHL teams with PUCKs
Name the NHL teams that contain the letters P, U, C, or K? Careful, one wrong answer and you're out of the game!.
Big 4 Beer Mugs
Cure all your ale-ments with this quiz.
Stanley Cup Finals Since 2000
Today's Sporcle Fact: The Stanley Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, who was Governor General of Canada in 1892.
NHL Vezina Trophy
They could really increase the scoring in hockey if they got rid of these guys.
Big 4 Hall of Famers A-Z
This is how a librarian would sort Hall of Famers.
Top 101 Goals With One NHL Team
Once we went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
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