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Athletes by Biography Title
Using only the book title, can you figure out which athlete these biographies are about?
Talkin' the Talk
Sports are just better with trash talk.
NHL Teams
If there isn't a team named the 'Zambonis' in the NHL one day, it will be a shame on all of humanity.
NHL Teams (Redux)
You gotta be careful, you never know where a deadly Zamboni might be lurking.
NHL Point-Per-Game Seasons Since Lockout
Apparently the lockout treated these guys well.
Athletes: Before and After
Can you guess the connecting athlete names that complete the before and after clues?
Find the NHL Teams
If you want to find the NHL teams, you should start by looking on the ice.
Longest String of Unique Champs: NHL
Name the 9 teams that won the Stanley Cup in the only 9 season* stretch where 9 different teams won it? (See How to Play).
NHL Top 5 Points Per Season, DET
Do well and we'll throw an octopus on the ice.
Athletes of the 2000s
Out with the old school, in with the new.
Name the correct sport (NFL,MLB,NBA or NHL) that belongs to the fact.
NHL All Time Hockey Teams by Location
The NHL's history is just as wild as the rest of the Big 4 sports, only it's much, much colder.
Athletes: Before and After II
Can you guess the connecting athlete names that complete the before and after clues again?
Last Five: Big 4 Runners-Up
Turns out being up 3-1 wasn't so great for some of these teams.
NHL Logos
We're getting cold just looking at these logos.
NHL Team Points Leaders (Last Five Seasons)
82 games in a season, so pretty much just be responsible for a point a game and you too can make this list.
Trivia Pyramid: Sports
If you need a sports pyramid, cheerleaders are experts in the field.
Athletes of the 1950s and 60s
You're gonna like this game. We guarantee it.
NHL Captains
Currently not every NHL team has a captain, I wonder if that makes for strange locker room politics.
NHL Teams on a Map
In some cases, the hockey rink might be the coldest place in the whole state!
Athletes of the 1970s
'You can't win unless you learn how to lose.'
NHL Vezina Trophy
They could really increase the scoring in hockey if they got rid of these guys.
NHL Team by Stanley Cup Years
Which team is gonna take it this year?
NHL Top 200 Goal Scorers (Career)
This quiz is tough, but we hope you 'stick' with it.
NHL Logos of Canada
We hear that hockey is kind of a big deal in Canada.
Sports by Equipment Picture Click
But really, you COULD use baseball equipment to play hockey if you tried hard enough.
Somewhere in the Middle (Sports)
We thought a half time show was what happened in the middle of every sporting event.
NHL: Literally
NHL is a tough sport. Lucky for them, they have tough team names too.
Cities With Multiple Big 4 Teams
These cities have so many sports teams, they probably forget about one or two of them on a regular basis.
40 Goal NHL Seasons Since 2000
This quiz will strike fear into the heart of any goalie.
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