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80% Blitz: Dumbledore's Army
Name the last 20% of the answers that haven't been filled out in 60 seconds.
Red in Harry Potter
Name these red things in Harry Potter.
Harry Potter: Backwards Gryffindor Characters
Can you quickly pick the right backwards Harry Potter Gryffindor character associated with the following clues?
Fill in the Blanks With Pumpkins - Harry Potter
Pick the correct things/people depicted on pumpkins to fill in the blanks of these chapter titles from the books about Harry Potter.
Harry Potter with 'US'
Has Hogwarts moved to America? Oh, it's not that kind of 'US'? Carry on, then.
One Gets the Lot: Harry Potter
Can you name just one of the answers to each of these Harry Potter categories, which will then trigger the rest of the answers for that category?
'Harry Potter' Characters by Other Roles
When prompted with a character name from the 'Harry Potter' series, can you correctly click the actor or actress who portrayed them in a different role? See Game Note for explanations on choices.
Literature Typing Challenge
Can you type the following 'Literature' words before time runs out?
Wizarding World Kisses Minefield
Pick the prompted couples that are seen kissing in the Wizarding World movies.
Oh Dear, Draco!
He's living his best life, alright? Well... Maybe not. But he's trying.
Acrostic JK Rowling
Can you fill in the Harry Potter related clues in this acrostic about JK Rowling, and then use the highlighted letters to unscramble the final clue?
Bingo: Entertainment Grab Bag
Can you mark your bingo card by typing the hint's identifying letter followed by the answer in digits (e.g. W29)? When you see 5 hits in a straight line, type 'Bingo!'
Harry Potter: Cat Lovers Trio Venn Diagram
Can you click the correct section of this original seven books based Venn diagram that matches the hint? (*)
5X2 Blitz : Harry Potter Characters
Can you sort these Harry Potter characters into their categories in just 30 seconds?
Movie Franchise Character Sorting X
Hopefully a few of these films are more memorable for their characters than just for all their fights and explosions.
Triwizard Tournament: The First Task
Can you answer the questions to complete the first task in the Triwizard Tournament?*
Image Blitz Pick: Ministers
Pick the correct Harry Potter character when given their name.
Literature Subcategory 'S'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'S'?
10 in a Minute: Harry Potter
Wizards can probably just use a spell to slow down time and breeze through a quiz like this.
Halving and Sorting: Literature
We hope you're able to get more than half of the answers right, at least.
Six Sixes in Sixty: Literature
Will this have books like Slaughterhouse-6 and Around the World in 6 Days, or are we remembering those titles wrong?
7-to-1 Cinematic Villains
Can you sort these on-screen evildoers?
On Screen Shops
Pick the On Screen Shops by their Titles.
Harry Potter Objects
It's like a mail-order catalogue for all of Diagon Alley.
Non-Human Harry Potter Characters
Some of them were played by human, though. Not the owls, obviously.
Harry Potter: Backwards Subjects
Can you quickly pick the right backwards Harry Potter subjects associated with the following clues?
Cryptogram: Harry Potter
Can you fill in the Cryptogram with characters from Harry Potter?
Harry Potter Character Mashup!
Can you click the portion of the Harry Potter character mashup that matches with the right name?
Harry Potter Professors by Subject
How easy do you think it is to change majors at Hogwarts?
Harry Potter Chapter Art - Prisoner of Azkaban
Pick the Harry Potter chapter art when given the chapter title.
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