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Clueless Letter Lines: Harry Potter Spells
All answers are spells from Harry Potter. Linked letters are the same.
Get the Picture: Harry Potter Screenshots
Can you choose which of the first four Harry Potter films each screenshot is taken from?
Real Life History in Harry Potter
Can you answer these questions about real life historical events/people/things that are referred to in the Harry Potter-series and the Fantastic Beasts-series?
Wizards Unite: Choose Your Spell
Match the 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' situation with the spell you cast for it.
Clueless Letter Lines: Quidditch Terms
All words are quidditch terms from Harry Potter. Linked letters are the same.
Harry Potter 200 Name Match: Under 20 Mentions
From the Top 200 character mentions in the Harry Potter series, can you match the first and last names of the characters who got fewer than 20 mentions?
Harry Potter Top 200 by 'Species'
Name the top 200 Harry Potter characters by mention that fall into each of these species or categories.
Harry Potter Acrostic: McGonagall's Response
Can you answer the following Harry Potter questions, to reveal McGonagall's Response to Harry (reading down the coloured squares)?
Start of a New Chapter: The Sorcerer's Stone
Name the first sentence of the first ten chapters of J. K. Rowling's novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Quick Pick: Harry Potter Books
Pick the Harry Potter book being described.
Complete the Chapter: Harry Potter 1
Can you choose the correct word to complete the 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' chapter title?
Finish the Harry Potter Quotes with an Image
Pick the images that fill in the blanks in the given Harry Potter quotes.
Harry Potter Films by Wizarding Photos
Pick the correct Harry Potter film title, when given a Wizarding Photo (GIF) from each.
Harry Potter Surname Definitions
Pick the word that is a character surname from the Harry Potter series when given its definition.
Harry Potter: Trio Venn Diagram
Can you click the correct section of this Venn diagram that matches the hint?
Eight Potter Movie Characters
Can you pick all of the characters who appeared in the eight main series Harry Potter movies?
Harry Potter Top 200 Animals
Name the animals in Harry Potter that are in the top 200 characters mentioned.
Harry Potter: Holes and Scrambles
How are you feeling?... Saintlike... I'm holey!
Crossword : Harry Potter Characters
Name the first names of these Harry Potter characters.
Paint a Picture of Harry Potter
Can you answer questions about Harry Potter to create an image of him?
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