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Get the Picture: Harry Potter 2 - Book or Film?
Can you choose whether each event from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets occurred only in the book or only in the film?
Draco Malfoy, This Is Your Life
Play this quiz, or our father is going to hear about this!
Harry Potter Progressively Harder
Answer these 30 progressively harder Harry Potter multiple choice questions from books AND movies. Questions related to only book or movie will be specified.
Harry Potter Character by Tattoo
If your wizard friends are showing off their Dark Mark tattoos, you might be in the wrong crowd.
Harry Potter: Hidden Words Twist 1
1) Find the word that matches the first hint 2) Find the character name that contains it, see how to play.
Harry Potter Books About Severus Snape
“I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death.”
Anyone but Ron Weasley
That's a little harsh. Poor, Ron!
Get the Picture: Fantasy Locations by Author II
Pick the author who created each fantasy location.
Neville Longbottom: Pick the Film
Can you choose which Harry Potter film featured these scenes with Neville Longbottom?
Venn Diagram: Harry Potter
Can you click on the most accurate section of the Venn Diagram of the first three Harry Potter movies that each tidbit falls under?
Pixel Portrait: Harry Potter
Can you answer these Harry Potter trivia questions?
Harry Potter: Match the 7 Potters Pairs
Can you pair the 7 Potters protector to the image of the true person they protected?
Get the Picture: Dumbledore or Gandalf
Can you choose which quotes were said by Dumbledore and which were said by Gandalf?
Ultimate Daily Dose: Harry Potter
Complete each daily dose section of this four-part quiz? Further instructions are located in the quiz..
Hangman - Harry Potter
Name the character from Harry Potter in this hangman style quiz (See 'How to Play' for details).
Mad-Eye Moody or Barty Crouch Jr.?
Can you determine which of these images depict Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody (M) and which depict Barty Crouch Jr. (B)?
Harry Potter Potion Adventure
You have to go on a secret missions for Professor Dumbledore. Please use the bottles when needed.
Harry Potter Objects: Quick Logic Puzzle
Can you find the right answer to fit each clue of the Harry Potter Objects Quick Logic Puzzle?
Potter Character Crossword... With a Twist
Can you fill in this themed crossword where each character's name is represented by one of its alternate meanings*? Then, unscramble the letters in bubbles to finish the Harry Potter joke!
Quick Pick: Gryffindor Quidditch Players
Pick the Harry Potter characters who played for the Gryffindor House Quidditch Team during Harry's time at Hogwarts, while avoiding the decoys.
Clueless Letter Lines: Harry Potter Classes
All answers are classes taught in Hogwarts. Linked letters are the same.
Harry Potter or Confectionery?
Can you home in on places in the Harry Potter novels, without chomping on the confectionery?
'Harry Potter' Definitions
Match the given definitions and terms from the Harry Potter 'universe' with their correct meaning.
Harry Potter: Scrying lesson I
Can you see which location the crystal ball shows?
Sunday Crossword - Harry Potter 1
Can you fill in the crossword with the names of the characters in the Harry Potter universe, using the clues given?
Harry Potter Starring Ron Weasley
Name the Harry Potter film that each of these screenshots featuring Ron Weasley are from? [See Game Note.].
Harry Potter Chapters: Philosopher's Stone Slideshow
Name the chapter from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone corresponding to the hint given by the image.
Halloween Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Who Dressed up as Who?
Quick Pick: Unique Harry Potter Film Characters
Can you pick which Harry Potter film each of these characters appeared in?
Venn Diagram: LoTR, GoT or Harry Potter
Can you place the person/creature in the right place?
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