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That's No Harry Potter Chapter. That's a Band!
For any intrepid bands seeking a new name, The Leaky Cauldrons is still available.
Harry Potter Creatures
This quiz is otherwise known as 'Animals Hagrid thinks are cute'.
Harry Potter Character Blitz
Blitz quizzes are Sirius business.
Obscure Characters: Harry Potter or LOTR?
These fictional characters are so cool, you've probably never heard of them.
Counting Literature Characters
Here's a hint: the Grinch wasn't a part of the 'Twilight' love triangle.
Harry Potter Slot Machine
We can just imagine a casino staffed by house elves.
Harry Potter Transport Modes
Apparently, wizards are too cool to walk.
Over/Under: Harry Potter
On anything involving the Weasley family, it's a good idea to bet the over.
Hogwarts History of Magic Exam
On Sporcle you can pass your O.W.L.s without needing to endure Professor Binns.
Harry Potter First Names
Are you on a first-name basis with these Harry Potter characters?
Hogwarts Consonants
Well, this is certainly one way to spell.
Criteria Sorting Gallery: Harry Potter
You get to play the role of the sorting hat today. Have fun holding all the cards.
Harry Potter Books by Line
Enough Harry Potter puns already. We're Sirius.
Harry Potter or Harry Imposter?
There must be some polyjuice potion involved here.
Potter Book or Potted Book?
If JK Rowling wants to take any of these ideas and make a real book with them, we'd be all for it.
Harry Potter Facts 2
Name the Harry Potter Facts 2.
Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Characters
You might want to try practicing the 'Members of the Order of the Phoenix' before playing this one.
Harry Potter by First 3 Letters
Too lazy to play the Top 200 Harry Potter quiz? Try this slimmed down version instead.
Harry Potter Venn Diagram II
Wearing the Sorting Hat means literally putting on your thinking cap.
Missing Word: Harry Potter
Name the missing word from the selected Harry Potter trivia.
Harry Potter Book by Closing Line
We think the need for a spoiler alert on Harry Potter last lines has officially expired.
Hogwarts House Match
We'd love to know which house we'd be placed in by the Sorting Hat.
One of Two: Harry Potter Edition
We have to assume the Weasley twins are responsible for this.
Silhouettes: Harry Potter Characters
Harry Potter jokes can be really Krummy.
Blitz: Hogwarts Lessons by Image
The use of time-turners will not be permitted while taking this quiz.
Pick a Hogwarts House
If the Sorting Hat were a character in Harry Potter, who would figure out what house he belonged in?
Harry Potter: What's Missing?
Disclaimer: Revelio charms will not work on this quiz.
Harry Potter, LOTR or Star Wars?
Three fandoms on one quiz? Day. Made.
Vader or Voldemort?
Just hope you never have to face these two at the same time.
5 in 15: Harry Potter Characters
You'll have to be quick with the wand if you want to make it through this in one piece.
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