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A Halloween Murder Mystery
This quiz involves murder, intrigue and a hefty amount of brain power.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Holiday subcategory?
This quiz is unofficially supported by the ADA.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday II
Pick the correct answers to each of these multiple choice questions that relate to the different subcategories in Holiday.
Halloween Word Ladder
Don't forget your costume while you're heading up the ladder.
Halloween Bunker
Pick the answers to these questions about Halloween and make it to level 15 of the bunker.
Horror Movie Title Match-Up
Without context, some of these movies seem downright hilarious.
Musicians by Halloween Costume
We've got you covered with some creative costume ideas this year.
TV Characters in Costumes
But we thought TV characters were always in costume?
TV Cartoons by Ghost
"I ain't afraid of no ghost!"
Which Holiday?
Cat puns freak meowt.
Complete the Horror Tropes
"We should stay together," said no horror movie character ever.
Halloween Teddy Bears
Don't stuff yourself with too much candy.
Holidays by Teddy Bears
Bad puns are pawsitively unbearable.
Quotes Using Halloween Words
Here's a quiz that will raise your spirits.
'Ghostbusters' Lyrics
'Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination needs.'
What Movie? Scary Movies
All work and no mentally stimulating diversions makes Jack a dull boy.
Political Halloween Masks
These are guaranteed to terrify any child on Halloween.
Halloween Riddle
A Halloween riddle for all you spooky Sporclers.
I Said... BOO!
Sporcle accepts no responsibility for any fright associated with this quiz.
Witch Equipment
Pick the correct piece of witch equipment when prompted.
Holiday Caps
Name the holidays that inspired these caps.
Holiday Shoes
We're not sure we'd want to walk a mile in these shoes.
Badly Drawn Holidays
Looks like Hallmark just got some new holiday card ideas.
Speedy Spooky Halloween 7-to-1
In 60 seconds, can you pick the correct Halloween-themed groups of words?
Cryptogram Map - Halloween Monsters
Vampires are always looking for their necks victim.
Words Within a Word: 'Pumpkin'
We think you'll have a gourd time playing this.
Holidays by Pumpkin
What is a pumpkinā€™s favorite sport? Squash!
Sporcle's Easiest Holiday
Claus you're worth it.
Celebrities on Halloween
Celebrities are pretty good at pretending to be people they're not.
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