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A Halloween Murder Mystery
This quiz involves murder, intrigue and a hefty amount of brain power.
Horror Movie Title Match-Up
Without context, some of these movies seem downright hilarious.
Autumn Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bears who represent these Autumn holidays, facts and symbols.
3-D Holidays
3D glasses are the perfect accessory to complement that ugly holiday sweater of yours.
Holiday Dates
We're thinking of pulling a Frank Costanza and making up our own holiday.
Halloween Word Ladder
Don't forget your costume while you're heading up the ladder.
Halloween Treats
All kids should be required to take this quiz before they go out trick-or-treating.
Candy Rush
For those that want to hurry through their trick-or-treating.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Holiday
Can you sort the holiday terms into their categories before time runs out?
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Holiday
Trust us, playing this won't be a lost claus.
Halloween Character Sorting
If you don't sort these correctly, one might come after you.
Word Ladder: I Put a Spell on You
Name the rungs in this magic word ladder.
Holiday Character College!
Pick the holiday character who would most likely teach these whimsical college courses.
Holidays by Pumpkin
What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport? Squash!
Complete the Halloween Jokes
Apologies in advance for our ghoulish sense of humor.
ASOIAF: Dead during the saga
Can you pick only the 'A Song of Ice and Fire''s characters who died during the saga?
Undead Movies
Bringing a movie back from the dead leads to some pretty gruesome scenes.
'Halloween-Time' Horrors
This is exactly the point when the movie starts getting scary.
British Sweets!
It would be worth a trip to the UK just to try all these candies.
Holiday by Numbers
You can't put a price on a holiday, but you can put a number on it.
This quiz is unofficially supported by the ADA.
TV Show by Halloween (Slideshow)
Can you determine the TV Show from a still from one of its Halloween episodes? See 'How To Play'.
Simpsons Holiday Quotes
Pick the correct word to complete the Simpsons holiday quote.
TV Shows by Halloween Special
Can you identify the TV Show when shown a scene from its Halloween special?
Holiday Rainbow
Name the Holiday related items/symbols from these colorful pictures.
Word Ladder: Halloween Anthem
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder based on a popular Halloween song.
Halloween Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bears who represent these Halloween characters or symbols.
Witch Hat Pick
The hat makes the witch.
Superhero Kid Costumes
This superhero stuff must be child’s play.
Holidays Found Elsewhere
Holidays show up in the oddest places.
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