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Golden Globe to Oscar Transition
You could melt down one award and recast it into the other, but winning both is easier.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best new show on TV, and it's not even close.
Multi-Category Tensomes
Can you click the members of a tensome for each Sporcle Category?
Award-Winning MCU Members
Yeah, saving the human race probably will earn you a little praise.
Movies Sixes
Name the various sextets in the given movies categories.
76th Golden Globe TV Shows Nominees (Picture Click)
Pick the shows nominated in the Best Drama, Comedy and Limited Series categories at the 76th Golden Globe Awards.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Entertainment
Can you sort the 100 Entertainment items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment II
Well this should be entertaining.
Golden Globe Movie Nominations (2019)
Name the movie nominees for the 2019 Golden Globes.
Missing Word: 2018 Golden Globe Movies
Can you choose the missing words for the movies nominated for a 2018 Golden Globe?
Golden Globes (Drama)
Sporcle would like to the thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for...well, for this quiz.
Without Sporcle: Entertainment
Name the entertainment related terms that are missing the letters in 'SPORCLE'.
10 to 1: Golden Globe Best Musical/Comedy Characters
Pick the characters that belong to each of these Golden Globe winners for Best Musical or Comedy.
Word Ladder: Golden Globes 2014 (Movies)
Name the four-letter words based on nominees and winners of the 2014 Golden Globes.
Golden Globes (Musical/Comedy)
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should just host everything from now on.
Word Ladder: Golden Globes 2018
Name the 4-letter words in this word ladder? The highlighted words spell the titles of two of the films..
Entertainment... By Other 14 Categories!
Can you choose the correct answers to questions on topics which are typical to the Entertainment category, based on each other Sporcle category?
Major Acting Awards, 2014
Name the actors and actresses nominated for Academy, BAFTA, SAG, Critics' Choice and Golden Globe Awards for 2014.
Only I was nominated (Golden Globes)
Can you choose the only cast member who was nominated for a Golden Globes Best Performance by an Actor/Actress?
Triple Picture Click Entertainment 1
Pick the picture representing the common theme for each triplet.
S-P-O-R-C-L-E Golden Globe Winners
Name the Golden Globe winners whose last names start with S,P,O,R,C,L, or E.
2016 Golden Globes Television Nominees
Name the 2016 Golden Globes nominees.
Major Acting Awards, 2015
Name the actors and actresses nominated for Academy, BAFTA, SAG, Critics' Choice and Golden Globe Awards for 2015.
Golden Globe and Emmy: Comedy Series
We'll leave the comedy writing to these talented folks, thank you very much.
Unamused Celebrities
You wouldn't be too pleased if everyone wanted to take your picture all the time, either.
Missing Word: Best Actress (Musical/Comedy)
Name the missing surnames from these Golden Globe winners for Best Comedy/Musical Actress.
Word Ladder: Golden Globe Speech
Name the 4-letter words in this 2012 Golden Globes themed word ladder.
And the Winner Was M*A*S*H?
Can you choose the correct answer for each question involving Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and the TV show M*A*S*H?
Golden Globe Best Actress (Drama) Nominees 1970-2018
Name the Golden Globe Best Actress (Drama) Nominees between 1970-2018.
Golden Globes: Musical or Comedy?
From 1958-1962, the Golden Globe for best musical and comedy were two separate awards. Can you tell which category each of these winners was in?
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