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Get the Picture: Tolstoy or Trotsky
Can you choose whether Leo Tolstoy or Leon Trotsky wrote each of the following works?
► Get the Picture: 'Lord of the Rings' Chapters I
Can you choose the LOTR book when one of its chapters is given?
Get The Picture: Rap Gods
Can you determine which legend of rap performed each track below?
Get the Picture: Which Decade - The '60s or '70s?
Can you pick whether each of the given events happened during the 1960s or 1970s?
Get the Picture: WWE or WCW?
Can you choose whether these facts apply to World Wrestling Entertainment or World Championship Wrestling?
Get the Picture: Game of Thrones Death Locations
Can you correctly identify the location that matches each character's death from the HBO television series Game of Thrones?
Get the Picture: Big 4 'B' All-Stars
Can you choose the correct Big 4 league for the given player?
Black, White, Green or Brown
This quiz is well-camouflaged.
Get the Picture: Hillary Clinton or Hilary Duff
Can you decide which quotes were said by Hillary Clinton and which were said by Hilary Duff?
Get the Picture: Lovecraft or Poe
Can you choose whether the literary work is by H.P. Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe?
Get the Picture: Four Daisys
Can you choose the Daisy who best answers each question?
Get the Picture: US National Parks
Can you choose the correct US national park for each of the following trivia questions?
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Did the listed movie's plot involve planes, trains, or automobiles?
Get the Picture: Greek or Roman Gods
Can you choose if the given god is from the Greek or Roman mythology?
Get the Picture: ASOIAF Targaryen Spouses
Can you correctly determine whether the members of House Targaryen from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series married a Velaryon, Targaryen, Martell, or both a Velaryon & Targaryen?
Get the Picture: Disney Princesses
Can you choose the correct Disney princess for each piece of trivia?
► Get the Picture: Horizontal or Vertical Flag
Can you choose if the given flag has horizontal or vertical stripes?
Get the Picture: Hogwarts House Facts
Can you choose the correct Hogwarts house for each of the given questions?
Get the Picture: Queen
Can you choose the correct member of the rock band Queen for each question?
Get the Picture: Fast Food Chains
Can you choose the fast food chain that serves each item?
Get the Picture: The Office Accountants
Pick the Accountant from The Office that matches each clue.
Get the Picture: Pie Charts
Can you choose the correct pie chart for each question?
Get the Picture: The Office (US) or Friends
Can you choose whether each character appeared in Friends or The Office (US)?
Get the Picture: British Cars 2
Can you choose which car model was produced by which British car manufacturer?
Get the Picture: Continents
Can you choose the continent for each given country?
Get the Picture: Harry Potter Quotes
Can you choose which Harry Potter character said the given quote?
Keyboard or No-board?
For each instrument, can you pick whether it has a keyboard, or is played in some other way?
Get The Picture: Doctor Who (Part 4)
Can you choose whether the Eleventh, Twelfth, or Thirteenth Doctor is the correct answer to the question?
Get The Picture: Unisex Names
Each of these famous people has a unisex name. Choose the icon to say whether each one is male or female.
Get the Picture: Heaven or Hell
Can you choose whether the answer to each question is Heaven or Hell?
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