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An Anglo-German Crossword
An Anglo-German accord.
Eight Language Months Blitz
Don't take all month!
Country Grid: Germany
Can you fill the grid by naming the facts about Germany?
Get the Picture: German Cars
Can you choose which car model was produced by which German car manufacturer?
One-syllable German nouns ending in -aum
Pick the one-syllable German nouns ending in -aum.
Language Grid: 'Crossword' in Different Languages
You just might come across one of these languages!
Language by IKEA Sign
Ironically, none of these signs are in Swedish.
In Two Words: Germany
German contains some excellent compound words, so this is quite fitting.
5 to 1: Germany
Match the German items to each category.
Quick Pick: German States
Can you quickly pick the states* of Germany while avoiding the decoys?
LogiCrossword: Numbers 1-10 in German
Can you fill in the names of the numbers 1-10 in German with NO letters or hints provided?
Games in German
Can you click the German name for the given games?
Find the Countries of Europe in German
The German audience gets a freebie, we guess.
Can you pick the correct article? (German nouns)
Pick the correct article for each noun? (German, words are given in 1st person singular).
Find the Food in German
Hopefully you don't have a fear of German sausage. That would be the wurst.
German-English translation crossword (medium)
Translate the English clues to German and the German clues to English
Eight Language Colors Blitz
A global rainbow.
Domestic Soccer Leagues Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each soccer player?
Quick Pick: Cities in Germany
In one minute, can you click only the cities in Germany?
German Literature Titles in English
Match the German-language literature titles with their English translations.
Without Sporcle: Language
It would be pretty annoying if someone removed those 7 letters out of your dictionary.
Language Groups Grab Bag
We do words good.
Easter-related German words
Match the Easter-related German words with their English equivalents.
German History Match-Up
What was Beethoven's favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-naaaa!
Eight Language Numbers Blitz
A quiz you can count on ... and on ...
Cologne in 15 languages
Pick the names for the city of Cologne in 15 different languages.
German Verb Logic Puzzle
Can you apply die logik?
Get the Picture: German-Speaking Cities
Can you match each city with the right German-speaking country?
Pachinko: Germany
Move the pachinko ball by using your knowledge of things related to Germany, and try to get a perfect 294 score. See game notes for details.
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