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Click the German-Speaking Countries
If you don't know anything about Germany, this quiz might be your wurst nightmare.
Translated Bands (German)
Pick the right German translation for each band.
► Colors and Numbers in 4 languages
Pick the correct color or number in corresponding language when given its name in German, Spanish, French or Italian.
In 6 Languages: Clothing
This quiz has a laundry list of different languages.
Populous German Cities (1700-2010)
Name the most populous German cities from 1700 to 2010.
Alle Pokemon (1. Generation)
Name the 1st generation Pokemon (German)? Kannst du alle PKMN der ersten Generation nennen.
German Airports
Name the 3 Letter Airport Codes - Germany.
Is this English word French or German?
Decide if this English word is exactly the same in French or in German (disregarding accents, umlauts and upper case)
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Language
Can you sort the 100 Language items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
German WW2 War Machines
Find the greatest German World War 2 War Machines.
Tongue Twisters From Around the World
Acht alte Ameisen assen am Abend Ananas!
Click the German-Speaking States
Can you click the U.S. States where >0.5% of the population speaks German?
German Soccer Players
Name the soccer players from Germany.
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