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9 Fictional German characters
Pick the fictional characters from Germany.
Even More Words in French and German
Name the English word when given the French and German word.
World Language Sorting Blitz
Now isn't this a beautiful blend of cultures?
Find the German Food
Can you click on the foods when given their name in German?
5x5 in 90: Mixed Language Minefield Blitz
Foreign languages are hard enough to understand, but now we're mixing a bunch of them together.
NATO phonetic alphabet, randomly!
Name the NATO phonetic alphabet, in random order.
Quick Pick: Germanic Languages
Pick the languages from the Germanic branch.
Hidden Neighbors of Germany
Here's a nice game of hide-and-seek, Sporcle style.
The Germans Have a Word for That
The great thing about German is that if you don't have a word for something, you can just string shorter words together until you do.
Language Speed-Picking
For all those fast-talkers out there, this quiz should be a cinch.
Numbers per European Language 7-to-1
In different European languages*, can you correctly click each number in the correct sequence, from seven words for '1' to one word for '7'?
In 6 Languages: Food
No matter what language it's in, it's all tasty.
Most Populous German Cities
We're going to guess this is where you'd find the most pairs of lederhosen. If you were looking, of course.
Build Germany with Bundesliga Teams
Name all the teams that played in German Bundesliga since 2000-01 and build the map of Germany
German - Top 1000 Words - Part 4
Can you name words 301-375 of the 1000 most used German words?
German 3 Week 4 Vocabulary
Name the German 3 Week 4 Vocabulary.
Top 20 Bundesliga Scorers (Career)
We were recently surprised to learn that Bundesliga players do not wear lederhosen in every match. Who would have thought?
Alle Pokemon (1. Generation)
Name the 1st generation Pokemon (German)? Kannst du alle PKMN der ersten Generation nennen.
Europe: That Doesn't Border Germany!
Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.
Which Language?
We're still waiting for a country to adopt Klingon as its official language.
Criteria Languages
You might need to look into hiring a translator.
6 Animals, 6 Languages
These animals are cute in all languages.
In 6 Languages: School Subjects
Now you can take these subjects in any language you want.
German IV Vocab week 4
Name the German IV Vocab week 4.
Germany International World Cup / EURO XIs 1990-2016
Name the German International FIFA World Cup / UEFA EURO XI 1990-2016.
Mäde In Germany
It's hard to resist the beauty of the Umlaut.
Clubs of the Fußball-Bundesliga
In America, we hear "Fußball" and think of table top soccer, in Germany, well, it is something different.
Quick Pick: German or Austrian?
Pick the German composers and avoid the Austrians.
World Languages Bunker
If you make it all the way through this bunker, that means you're basically fluent in every language.
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