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World Languages Bunker
If you make it all the way through this bunker, that means you're basically fluent in every language.
World Language Sorting Blitz
Now isn't this a beautiful blend of cultures?
Criteria Languages
You might need to look into hiring a translator.
French Speaking Countries
Those French Colonialists certainly got around.
French: To Be
Etre ou ne pas être, telle est la question.
Populous French Cities
Liberté, égalité, fraternité, Sporclé!
French: Colors
Les Couleurs d'Sporcle.
French: Food
Sometimes the best way to learn a language is on a full stomach.
'B' in History
It's hard to 'B' remembered.
French: Verbs
Don't make a mistake, you may receive a visit from the French language police!
French: Months
If I find myself in France, I will still be just as lost, but at least I will know what month it is!
French: Numbers
Next time you are traveling to France you can thank Sporcle for being able to order more than one glass of wine.
French: Days
Ahhh France, the food, the wine, the sites and sounds...sadly I took Spanish in High School.
Countries of the French Empire
This must be how french fries spread throughout the world, right?
The French Quiz
Don't worry, you don't have to be fluent in the language to do well on this.
French: Family
This quiz is proof that it is hard to understand your family no matter what language you speak.
Language Speed-Picking
For all those fast-talkers out there, this quiz should be a cinch.
French: Animals
Planning a trip to that fancy zoo in Paris (no, not the Louvre)? Hopefully this quiz will help.
Cuisine Sorting Blitz
Warning: This quiz may make you hungrier than you've ever been.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Language Minefield Blitz
Foreign languages are hard enough to understand, but now we're mixing a bunch of them together.
Regions of France
This is all well and good, but what's the best place to buy a croissant?
French Open Winners
If you think playing tennis on clay is hard, try doing it in 30 degree weather in the middle of winter.
Movie Titles en Français
You can enjoy all these films with a tasty croissant if you like.
Five Language Continent Match
Before traveling, develop your language skills or your charades skills. Your choice.
French Foods
French food is always the life of the pâté.
French History Match-Up
Is there anything in this quiz about french fries, because seriously, those things are awesome.
7 Days in 6 Languages
If you ace this quiz, you might just be a translator robot in disguise.
Which Romance Language?
Do you speak the language of love?
Hidden Neighbors of France
Historically speaking, France's neighbors have tended not to hide from them.
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