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French: irregular simple future (1st person singular)
French: irregular simple future verbs (1st person singular)
200 most populated French cities?
Name the 200 most populated French cities.
Top 50 French Champions League Goal Scorers
Name the Top 50 French Champions League Goal Scorers.
French 1 Passe Compose Irregular Verbs
Passe Compose Irregular Verbs
Missing Word: French Actresses
Name the missing words in these films featuring French actresses.
In 6 Languages: Body Parts
Now you can sing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes' in 6 different languages.
Player A-Z: France National Team
Can you name a player who has 10 or more caps for the French national team for every letter of the alphabet?
Pick Your Christmas Presents
Pick the presents you will be getting from your true love on each day of Christmas, going by the CAPITALIZED word.
Stromae's Songs
Name the songs from Stromae's studio albums.
French Proverbs in English
Pick the (almost) literal English equivalents of these French proverbs/ phrases.
French Future Irregular Verb Stems
Name the French Future Irregular Verb Stems.
Céline Dion's French Singles
Can you name Céline Dion's French Singles released after 1990 ?
In 6 Languages: Drinks
Pick the matching drinks in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Ligue 1, Winning Team, manager, best scorer since 1970
Can you name for each year the Ligue 1 (and before division 1) the Winning Team, his manager and his best scorer ?
French in English
We've borrowed these words from French, but it's pretty unlikely that we'll ever want to give them back.
Ce, Cet, Cette, Ces (Demonstrative Pronouns)
Pick the Ce, Cet, Cette, Ces (Demonstrative Pronouns).
Women's 4th Round Grand Slams 2013
Name the Women's 4th Round Grand Slams 2013.
BtVS - Once More With Feeling en Français
Name the titles of the OMWF songs based on their titles in the French dubbed version.
Tour de France: Winners after World War II (Slideshow)
Name the winners of the Tour de France after World War II.
Tour de France: Most Appearances
Name the cyclists with the most Tour de France appearances .
Tour de France: Winners of Secondary Classifications
Name the winners of all these six secondary classifications in the Tour de France.
Le Participe Présent
Name the present participle for these irregular French verbs.
6 Animals, 6 Languages
These animals are cute in all languages.
Clickable French Speakers
Ah, the language of love...
La Marseillaise - clickable lyrics
Pick the correct lyrics of the French National Anthem.
Words of Many Words
If you use the word words too many times it starts to words a little words. Words.
French vocab
Name the French vocab.
French Colours
Name the French Colours.
Names in Other Languages
It's basically like choosing your 'new' first name on the first day of a language class.
Word Ladder: They Have No Bread?
Name the words in this double-pronged word ladder containing a phrase attributed to a 'great princess'.
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