French Quizzes

In 6 Languages: Jobs
Now you can procrastinate at work in 6 different languages.
French islands by area
The combined area of these islands is bigger than the 7th biggest French region.
Famous French People (Multiple Choice)
Choose the famous French people from their descriptions
French: France or Canada?
Divided by a common language?
First Five: Language
We have no proof, but we'd bet that the first five words all had to do with food.
Famous Movie Lines in French
I love the smell of croissants in the morning.
Is it in France?
France or not, it's still beautiful!
Days and Months in 4 Languages
Time to see what you remember from your high school foreign language class.
Language Throw Down
If you don't get it to begin with ... you'll soon pick it up!
Which Language?
We're still waiting for a country to adopt Klingon as its official language.
Historic Leaders of France
Entering 'Louis' with some Roman Numerals will get you off to a good start.
Hidden Neighbors of France
Historically speaking, France's neighbors have tended not to hide from them.
Find the French Food (Picture Click)
Why do the French never have two eggs for breakfast?
Because one egg is un oeuf...
Animals in 4 languages
Critters vocab.
Which Diacritical Mark?
Don't be too diacritical of yourself if you don't do well on this quiz.
November in Other Languages
Remember, remember the words for November.
Pixar in Foreign Languages
Oesday Igpay Atinlay ountcay asway away oreignfay anguagelay?
French Recipe Verbs
Cliquez, réussisez, célébrez!
Body Parts in 4 languages
Enough body parts for another Saw movie!
Language Toss-Up
We're just shocked that no country has made pig latin their officialway anguagelay.
Belgian towns/cities, French or Dutch?
"People say 'Why would you learn Dutch? Nobody speaks it. Why not French?'" - Anthony Geary
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