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Body Parts in 4 Languages
You should probably know what the parts you have on you are called. In case you lose them, or something.
Subcategory Sort: Chinese, French, or Spanish
We're feeling pretty multilingual today.
Clothes in French
Being dressed seems like it's a pretty universal language.
Days and Months in 4 Languages
Time to see what you remember from your high school foreign language class.
Animals in 4 Languages
Imagine if a tiger roared at you but you ended up hearing like... "oui oui" or something.
Weakest Link: World Languages
Can you eliminate one World language as the weakest link for each round and reveal the winner? (See 'How to Play'!)
Criteria Languages
You might need to look into hiring a translator.
Animals in French
We can't lie - 'Animals in French Clothing' would make for a pretty fun quiz.
Colors and Numbers in 4 Languages
Being multilingual will put you in prime coloring and numbering position.
History Hunt: France
Luckily history isn't too hard to find since it already happened.
Fruits and Vegetables in 4 Languages
This food is healthy in any language.
Romance Rainbow
Read with all the colors of the rainbow.
Go Fish: Languages!
Can you click either the given language or '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' depending on whether you 'have' the language?
European Languages in South America
If you know your colonization history, this should be easy.
Top 20 Cities of France on a Map
Liberté, égalité, fraternité, Sporclé!
Find the Food in French
We heard the reason people in France eat snails is because they hate fast food.
4x4 Grid Match: Language
Just try not to get gridlocked.
Languages Venn Diagram
You don't actually need to SPEAK any of these languages.
French: Verbs
Don't make a mistake, you may receive a visit from the French language police!
World Languages Bunker
If you make it all the way through this bunker, that means you're basically fluent in every language.
Regions of France
This is all well and good, but what's the best place to buy a croissant?
World Language Sorting Blitz
Now isn't this a beautiful blend of cultures?
Food in French
J'aime le pain avec du beurre!
Translate the French Recipe!
Someone stole my recipe book and rewrote the ingredients list in French! Can you translate the ingredients and name what the recipe will make?
Euro 2020 or rather 2021 - France
Can you click on the France star players
Fruit in French
It only makes sense to have some fruit and cheese together here.
French Speaking Countries
Those French Colonialists certainly got around.
An Anglo-French Crossword
We might be bilingual, but we're forgetting all the words. Byelingual.
French-Speaking African Countries Map
Parlez-vous français?
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