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NFL: Most Yards in Losses
This quiz probably involves a lot of feigned disappointment in the locker room after some great personal outings.
Coaches to Win Super Bowl and College Championship
Some people just know how to win.
15,000 Passing Yards, One NFL Team
We're pretty sure they didn't do that all at once.
Premier League Top Scorer from Every Nation
Name the Premier League Top Scorer from Every Nation to have had a player score in the league.
Non-State Heisman Trophy Winners
Pick the Heisman Trophy Winners who won it for a college without a state in their name or abbreviation.
Hall of Fame QB College Match-Up
Do you think they wrote down "Future Hall of Famer" on their college applications?
European Countries By Most Capped Footballer
Can you find the European country when given their most capped footballer?
Most 100+ Rushing Yd Games By Team
What are they running from?
Country by Soccer Player II
Even if you don't know soccer, you can still get a kick out of just naming countries.
Quick Pick: Indianapolis Colts QBs
Pick the quarterbacks who have started at least one regular season game for the Indianapolis or Baltimore Colts while avoiding the decoys.
Subcategory Sort: MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL
Try sorting your way through the North American Big 4 sports leagues.
Premier League Teams by Any Word (On a Map)
This quiz gets a lot harder if you don't know that many teams.
Quick Pick: Sports by Famous Athletes
Pick the sport that each famous athlete plays or played.
Top 5 Single Season Passers By Franchise
We prefer to call American Football the sport where burly men chase a brown olive.
Pick 5 in 15: NFL Teams
5 picks is a lot for one football game. Who's the QB?
NFL Teams Coached by Pete Carroll
How is it that the NFL's oldest coach seems to get younger looking each year?
Who won the Big Ten Football Championship Game?
Can you choose what team won the Big Ten Football Championship Game??
Definitive NFL Team Names
This one has a lot of layers, most of them involving sports.
Get the Picture: NFC West Profiles
Can you select the NFC West team for each of these facts?
2019 Philadelphia Eagles Opening Day Roster
Want to learn the entire NFL? Play every quiz in this series and familiarize yourself with all 1,696 players!
Athletes by Funko Pop! Figures
Pick the athletes based on their Funko Pop Figures.
Antonio Brown's 2019 Teams
What's the over/under on us needing to update this quiz next week?
Multiple NFL Super Bowl Losers
Of course, winning multiple Super Bowls can soften the blow of also losing multiple Super Bowls.
Soccer Managers Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each soccer manager?
15 Sports Facts 1969, 79, 89 or 99
Can you choose the correct year for each sports fact?
Super Bowl Grid Minefield
But we're really here for the Super Bowl advertisements.
Click the clubs of Zinedine Zidane
Can you click the clubs of Zinedine Zidane?
Athletes by Biography Title
We're not talking about playbooks here.
A British family quiz - Sport 2
Can you answer these sport questions correctly? See how to play.
Founding Members of FIFA
We'll tell you that Kyrgyzstan wasn't one of the founding members. The rest is up to you.
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