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Negative Sports Logos
Consider these the alternate of the alternate team colors.
Athletes of the 2010s
Name these baseball, American football, basketball, hockey, golf, and tennis players who were all active in the 2010s.
NFL Teams (Redux)
There are 32 NFL teams and not one of them is named after a trivia website. What's the deal with that NFL?
NFL Penalty Yards
15 Yards for 'Tebowing' should be added to the rule book.
NFL 1st Round Quarterbacks
The Lions are going to try to prove the theory that every first round QB is a winner...oh...wait...never mind.
Gimme five: Arsenal
Name the Arsenal related facts.
NFL Team by Star Wars Helmet
These teams are lightyears ahead of the real NFL.
Big 4 Teams with a 'K'
Before you get all uppity, Orlando Magick is not an answer.
English Football Club Logos
If you enjoy soccer, you'll surely get a kick out of this quiz.
Is It Offside?
This should give you a few more things to yell at the ref.
Criteria NFL WRs
You'll need some strong football knowledge if you expect to go...all...the...way!
NCAA FBS Nicknames
A quiz for the true college sports fan. Come up with the nickname for each and every NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (Div. 1-A) school.
International Football XIs: Spain
The XIs towards the end of this quiz have more experience of riding open top buses through Madrid.
Sports Illustrated Covers (1980s)
Sorry, no swimsuit editions.
FIFA World Cup Quiz
Can you answer the questions about World Cup history?
FBS Bowl Game Map Minefield
There's a lot of bowl games, but not a lot of bowl game states. You're up for a challenge on this one!
Most Valuable Sports Franchises
For better or worse, in sports, value is not always tied to success.
Soccer Traitors
For Americans, this is like someone going from the Red Sox to the Yankees.
Premier League Logic Puzzle
Name the current or former Premier League football clubs that go in each cell, using both trivia and logic.
Country by Soccer Player
We wanted to put a soccer pun in here. Let's just say we achieved our goal.
Big 4 Champions ('70s & '80s)
They are the champions, my friends.
Big 4 Sports Teams by Division Blitz
Blitzes: they're not just for football anymore.
Out of Shape NFL Logos
This is what happens when logos forget to train in the offseason.
International Football XIs: Brazil
With just a few more months left until the 2014 World Cup, it's time to start getting excited.
Premier League: Top 5 Finishes Minefield
High fives all around to anyone that can get these all.
Just the Red: Sports Logos
This quiz will have you seeing red.
International Football XIs: France
Do you know who plays for Les Bleus?
NFL Teams by Historical Logo
My oh my, how the logos have changed.
A Decade of Soccer (1990s)
Let's hearken back to the days of football when everyone was listening to the Spice Girls.
International Football XIs: Italy
We hope these guys are ready for the World Cup.
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