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NFL Teams Without the Letter 'A'
There's no "a" in "victory" so maybe they're onto something here.
Franchise Relocation Logo Match
The first season after relocating might feel like it's nothing but road games.
Athletes Who Played 20 or More Seasons
Pick the athletes whose careers spanned at least 20 seasons in their respective leagues.
NFL Teams
If you guess the Oilers, you might be just a little rusty on your NFL history.
2014 World Cup Stars
Sporcle is ready for the 2014 World Cup. Are you?
Unique Letter NFL Teams
The letter isn't the only unique thing about these teams.
First Five: Big 4 Champions
Finally, a sports quiz that we'll never have to update.
Most Premier League Assists (2018)
There's no "I" in "team," but there is one in "assist."
Every Champions League final goalscorer
Can you name every player to score in a Champions League final?
English players with 3+ Champions League goals
Name the English players with 3+ Champions League goals.
NFL States & Provinces
We feel bad for the states without a football team. What do you do on Sundays?
Criteria NFL Teams
Any NFL team that doesn't fit the bill is going to cause you trouble on this quiz.
First XI: Guardiola - Barcelona
Can you name Guardiola's XI's
Any NFL Team Besides the Saints
Saint nobody got time for this team.
Premier League Logos with Green Cover
Name the Premier League teams (all-time) when given their logo with some green effects.
Pick the NFL Teams Alphabetically
Pick the NFL Teams in alphabetical order of team name.
FIFA World Cup Bunker
Are you ready for the big Belgium-USA match today? Try this quiz to test your World Cup knowledge!
International Players Premier League 2018/19
Can you name every EPL player to have won 10 or more international caps for their respective countries?
FIFA World Cup Winners Clubs
Name the teams that provided the most number of players to the FIFA World Cup winners.
NFL Career Ranking Showdown
It pains us to think that Johnny Manziel may never be statistically significant enough to be on a quiz like this.
Quick Pick: 'B' Big 4 Teams
Pick the 'B' Big 4 team given its geographical location.
Obscure Knowledge - NFL Teams
The least popular teams finally get their chance to be the best answers.
Premier League Champions by Year
You might know who the EPL champion was, but here it's more important to know the when.
NFL Chain Game
They're always trying to 'move the chains' in the NFL, so we thought we'd help them out.
Last Five: Big 4 Champions
You don't need a good memory to remember these recent winners.
Premier League Winners' First XI
It's good to know who your starters are.
Big 4 Teams (Redux)
If you accidentally click a mine, be a good sport about it.
World Cup Final Four
Nations come and go, but the World Cup is forever!
Top 10 Countries in Sports
Name the countries more frequently included in each sports' top 10 ranking as of April, 2019? .
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