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'L' Food Pictures
The letter L kind of looks like a chair. Just take a seat and imagine eating these tasty treats.
96 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
This quiz is making us very thirsty.
Taking this quiz really made me hungry.
Candy Wrappers Close-Up
This quiz is a sugar overload waiting to happen.
Spanish: Foods
I never knew that my late night Mexican food addiction made me so fluent.
Edible Disney Characters
Can you finish each Pixar characters name with a food image?Can you finish each Disney characters name with a food image?
Cereal Mascots on the Blackboard
Pick the drawings on the blackboards that represents each cereal mascot.
Carbonated Beverages
Here's is hoping you find this quiz refreshing, or we hope this quiz pops, or howzabout have a Sporcle and a smile...oh I kill me.
Common Bond Crossword: Magically Delicious
Does the FDA regulate the amount of magic that companies can put into their food?
Coffee Consuming Countries
Is Sporcle more addictive than coffee? We're going to go out on a limb and say yes.
Pick 3 Drinks
Sporcle responsibly.
This quiz is unofficially supported by the ADA.
Where's the Beef?
The plural for "beef" is "beeves" and you can never unread that.
Languages by Cake
This one's a piece of cake.
Which Fruit Is It?
The perfect quiz for prepping your fruit salad.
16 Little Food Pictograms
These pictures look good enough to eat.
Pick the Kitchen Utensil II
Something smells good.
Character Ice Cream
Your favorite childhood character, now sweet, frozen and edible! Kinda weird, actually.
Badly Drawn Fruits
We still think they look good enough to eat.
Dog or Bagel
Why not both?
Literary Cakes
Reading has never been so delicious.
Eating at the Movies
When we go to the movies, we eat popcorn and candy. These characters have something a little different in mind.
Food Clich├ęs
We go together like peas and...uh...some other thing?
Pizzeria Logic Puzzle
At the end of this quiz we immediately ate an entire pizza. It just happened. There's no way to explain it.
'A' Pictures by Category
This quiz has it all: good food, inspiring historical figures, great cities, and the people and companies that bring them all together.
'J' Food Pictures
Jump for joy and then have a jumbo snack. You've earned it.
'G' Food Pictures
Don't get greedy with all of these 'G' foods.
'E' Food Pictures
Just because this quiz looks good enough to eat, doesn't mean you should actually do it.
Beer Slogans
It's beer. HOORAY BEER! Seriously, has there ever been a better cheer for beer?
Beers of the World
A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.
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