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Get the Picture: S'mores!
Can you choose which ingredient of s'mores applies to the given clue?
Sets of Three VII
Only on Sporcle will you find penguins, saints and Stooges all in the same place.
Pick an Egg Dish
Now this is eggs-cellent.
Asian Food Quiz
Can you guess all the asian foods?
'A' Food Pictures
We tried to put all these foods together in a giant recipe. It didn't taste all that great, but now we're pretty sure we can see through time and space.
'B' Food Pictures
Let's just put all these foods together in a giant pot and see what happens.
'C' Food Pictures
Chocolate cake sounds perfect right about now.
Name That Fruit!
Just so you know, jelly beans are not technically considered to be a fruit.
Badly Sculpted Food
Name the items of food that have been poorly handcrafted.
Foods That Are Red
We would have included Red Vines, but we're not entirely sure that they're a food.
'F' Food Pictures
In your future, we predict that you'll suddenly have a craving for all these 'F'oods.
More Foods 7-to-1
This quiz is legen-dairy.
Food Cubes
Strangely enough, there is no sugar cube in this quiz.
Dessert or Desert? (clickable)
Pick the desserts (sweet!) without picking any deserts (sweaty!).
Match the Cereals
Now we're going to need some Saturday morning cartoons to seal the deal.
Pizzeria Logic Puzzle
At the end of this quiz we immediately ate an entire pizza. It just happened. There's no way to explain it.
Worst Countries To Live In?
You're probably not going to find these countries on our popular vacation places quiz either.
Foods by Country
We here at Sporcle are just doing our part to help you plan your menu.
10 to 1: Cooking
Bread recipes are on a knead to know basis.
Slogan to Logo Match - Restaurant Chains
We're not sure what getting a good score says about your diet.
Quick Pick: Geographically-Named Food
Pick the geographic place that completes the name of each food item.
'K' Food Pictures
If we were okay with spelling words wrong, this quiz would have included 'Karrot' and 'Kucumber'.
'D' Food Pictures
You might say this quiz is 'D'-licious, but only if you like to eat.
This quiz is unofficially supported by the ADA.
15 in 15: Fruit
Pick the 15 fruits in 15 seconds.
Hunger, Games or Hunger Games (Blitz)
For each item given, can you decide if its food (Hunger), something you play (Games) or the first name from a character in 'The Hunger Games' (Hunger Games)?
10 to 1: International Foods
These countries know how to eat in style.
Italian: Food
These foods taste good in any language.
Herbs and Spices by Image
The Sporcle kitchen is now open.
Foods That Are Green
If you're afraid of vegetables, you might want to steer clear of this one.
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