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Where's the Beef?
The plural for "beef" is "beeves" and you can never unread that.
Miscellaneous 'R' Blitz 7-to-1
Can you quickly match each 'R' answer to the group in which it belongs, and avoid the decoys?
Click the Fast Food Logos
As if trying to pick a restaurant everyone can agree on isn't hard enough...
Odd One Out - Miscellaneous
Pick the miscellaneous odd one out.
Easter Car Bunny
Pick the Pick the Sweets on this Easter Car Bunny.
Games by Cupcake
We think you will find this game to be a piece of cake.
10 to 1: Cooking
Bread recipes are on a knead to know basis.
Complete the Beverage... With a Picture
And here we thought we'd get to complete the beverage by drinking it.
10 to 1: Breakfast
Quit waffling around, we pancake it anymore!
Pizzeria Logic Puzzle
At the end of this quiz we immediately ate an entire pizza. It just happened. There's no way to explain it.
Name That Fruit!
Just so you know, jelly beans are not technically considered to be a fruit.
Favorite Food Logic Puzzle
We'd bet that many of your favorite foods show up in this quiz.
Countries or Foods?
Eating a flag is not actually recommended.
Candy Bars!!!
You might want to visit a dentist after playing this one.
Chihuahua or Blueberry Muffin
Does this make the muffin a dog-elganger?
Click the Pringles Flavors
Pick the Pringles cans given their flavors.
10 to 1: Candy
Don't worry. We won't tell your dentist.
Herbs and Spices by Image
The Sporcle kitchen is now open.
Geographically Named Foods
Match the geographical names that can be associated with these foods.
Most Valuable Crop per State
Name the most valuable crop for every US state.
Name That Vegetable!
It's cruciferous vegetable night, and if you don't know what that means, this quiz will help.
Blitz: Hunger, Games, or Hunger Games
"May the odds be ever in your favor."
What's in That Sauce?
Are you sure you want to know?
Food Cubes
Strangely enough, there is no sugar cube in this quiz.
10 to 1: International Foods
These countries know how to eat in style.
Top Fast Food Chains A-Z
There's a lot of calories packed into this alphabet.
Slogan to Logo Match - Restaurant Chains
We're not sure what getting a good score says about your diet.
Food, Drink, and Poison Sorting Blitz
It's really important to be aware of what you're consuming, be careful out there!
10 to 1: Beverages
Try not to get too thirsty.
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