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Word Ladder: Vegetarian Delights
Complete this vegetarian-themed 4-letter word ladder.
Foods by Tattoo
Don't make major decisions while you're hungry.
10 to 1: Breakfast
Quit waffling around, we pancake it anymore!
10 to 1: Candy
Don't worry. We won't tell your dentist.
Junk Food Sorting Gallery II
Let us know if you need us to chip in and help.
Secret Recipes Logic Puzzle
We're just glad that none of these recipes include cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is the absolute worst.
Fast Food Logos
If you weren't hungry already, you will be after playing this quiz.
10 to 1: Just Desserts
Pick the answers that fit into each dessert/snack related category.
Pizzeria Logic Puzzle
At the end of this quiz we immediately ate an entire pizza. It just happened. There's no way to explain it.
Name That Fruit!
Just so you know, jelly beans are not technically considered to be a fruit.
Food Cubes
Strangely enough, there is no sugar cube in this quiz.
Food, Drink, and Poison Sorting Blitz
It's really important to be aware of what you're consuming, be careful out there!
Quick Pick: Fruits in Spanish
Pick the Spanish words for these fruits.
Sports by Cake
Note: avoid karate chefs.
Click the Fast Food Logos
As if trying to pick a restaurant everyone can agree on isn't hard enough...
Food Typing Challenge II
In case you didn't get enough food yesterday.
5 to 1: Fruits and Vegetables
Kid tested, mother approved.
Disney by Cake
If you've never had the urge to eat a Disney character before, let's hope that stays true after this quiz.
Restaurant Logos
If you were hungry for another logo quiz, feast on this!
Grocery Shopping in Germany: Fruits and Vegetables
Can you click on the correct groceries when given their German counterparts?
Food Typing Challenge
Try not to spill food on your keyboard.
Most Killed/Eaten Animals
This quiz should make you feel rather carnivorous.
Click the Eggs
Can you click on the correct type of eggs?
Games by Cupcake
We think you will find this game to be a piece of cake.
Favorite Food Logic Puzzle
We'd bet that many of your favorite foods show up in this quiz.
Fast Food Restaurant by Burger
This might be Sporcle's most unhealthy quiz to date.
Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
After you play this quiz, you might as well take a nap.
Fast Food Restaurants
Fast food doesn't have to be bad for you, but, as this list proves, it is often what sells.
Foods That Are Red
We would have included Red Vines, but we're not entirely sure that they're a food.
16 Little Food Pictograms
These pictures look good enough to eat.
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