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Follow That Line ... Twice: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Pick the two lines that follow the given line from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Follow That Line: Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
If you get one wrong, just turn your time turner back and try again.
Finish that Insult: Oscar Wilde
Complete these insults found in the works of Oscar Wilde.
Follow That Line: October Sky
Pick the next line from the movie October Sky.
Finish the Jack Handey Deep Thought, Part 4 (Clickable)
Can you click the correct finish to each of these super serious 'Deep Thoughts?'
Follow the Blackadder line
Can you guess the correct line that follows the Blackadder quote?
Follow That Line: Last Week Tonight III
Pick the line that follows each quote from HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
Follow that Line: Frasier (Season 9)
Pick the lines that follow the given lines from the ninth season of 'Frasier'.
Follow That Line: Eddie the Eagle
Pick the line that follows each quote from Eddie the Eagle.
Follow that Breaking Bad Line: Walt and Jesse
Complete these conversations between Walt and Jesse.
Follow That Lyric: The Rolling Stones
You don't need the moves like Jagger to do well on this quiz.
Follow that Line: Gordon Strachan
Can you pick Gordon Strachan's answers to the following reporters' questions?
Follow That Line: Luna Lovegood
Can you finish these Luna Lovegood quotes?
Follow That Line: Lyrics That Rhyme
All of these lyrics rhyme with each other - try to pick the correct one
Finish that Insult: House, MD
Complete these insults spoken in House, MD.
Follow That Line: Office Space
Is anyone ever going to give Milton his stapler back?
Follow That Line: The Naked Gun Trilogy
Can you follow that line from The Naked Gun Trilogy?
Follow That Line: Lucille Bluth
Pick the reply that follows each line from Lucille on Arrested Development.
Follow That Line: Jenna Maroney
Pick the line that completes the given dialogue as said by 30 Rock's own Jenna Maroney.
Follow that Line: Orange Is the New Black (season 1)
Follow that Line: Orange Is the New Black (season 1)
MST3K Follow That Line: Pod People
Pick the reply that follows the line from the MST3K riff of Pod People.
Lewis Black Jokes
Lewis Black's casting as Anger in 'Inside Out' may be the most on point ever.
Follow that Line: Parks and Recreation (season 7)
Follow that Line: Parks and Recreation (season 7)
Follow that line: Steven Wright
Complete the quote for these Steven Wright jokes
Follow that Line: Ice Age
Follow that Line: Ice Age
Follow That Line: Stranger Things
Pick the reply to each quote given in the Netflix series 'Stranger Things'? Potential Spoilers*.
Muppet Christmas Carol: Scrooge (Clicky-oke)
Pick the following words to 'Scrooge' from the classic film 'Muppet Christmas Carol'.
Follow That Lyric: Queen
Will you be the champion of this crazy little quiz?
Follow That Line: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Pick the line that comes after the given dialogue from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Finish the Quote: Chocolate
Complete these 20 chocolate-related quotes.
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