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Flags Within Flags
This is basically flagception. Wait, is that even a word?
Flags of the World
Sometimes quizzes are easy, and sometimes they are this one. Enjoy.
Hide the US State Flags
I see many flags and I want them painted black...
Flag Selection: Africa 2
Pick the flags of Africa while avoiding flags from other continents.
Flags of Europe
If you've been paying attention to the Olympics over the last two weeks, you should do just fine at this, the first of the country flag quizzes.
Flag Color Click - Ghana
Pick the parts of the flag of GHANA for each color.
Country Flags by Sun
For these countries, the sun is as much a part of their flag as it is a part of their morning.
Flags of Asia
With the Beijing Olympics sadly behind us, this might be one of the few times you see all these flags together before the Vancouver Winter Games in two years.
Those 12 Flags: Explorers
Pick the flags that most correspond to the birthplace of these famous explorers.
Flag Fragments
We're probably breaking a few laws somewhere with this quiz.
Geography by Numbers
A numbers quiz for those who are terrified of math.
Geography Sorting Gallery
Sporcle is the perfect place to perfect your aim, at least Geography-wise.
Hide 40 World Flags
Can you find every prompted country's flag and 'hide' it?
Flags of North America
We finally get to the continent that will probably give us the most identified flag, and I'm guessing it'll be the one with the maple leaf on it.
Wrong Color Flags II
Take almost everything you have learned about flags and throw it out the window.
Flags of South America
With a mere 12 countries, learning the flags of South America should be a snap!
Those 12 Flags: Religious Figures
Pick the flags that correspond to these religious figures? .
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Geography
We have a feeling that most Sporclers would do just fine on any game show.
Flags of Africa
A lot of these flags of the countries of Africa have the color green in them. Libya used to have one that was nothing but green - the only completely blank mono-colored flag in the world.
90 Second Madness: Country Flags
Flags are so friendly. They're waving to us all the time.
Flags of Oceania
The last continent (ish) of flags is finally here! If you're observant, you might notice the Union Jack on a few of these nation's flags.
Hide 40 World Flags II
Can you find every prompted country's flag and 'hide' it?
5 by 5 Flags
Name the countries with flags in these 5 categories.
FIFA World Cup 2018: Full results by Flags
With each match, can you give the results of the match between the two teams against each other in the FIFA World Cup 2018? See the answer rules in Game Note.
Hide Europe's Flags
I see many flags and I want them painted black...
Counting Geography Groups
This is Sporcle's version of 'Group Learning'.
Criteria Countries (Southeast Asia)
You can Kathman-DU it!
Hide 40 World Flags III
Can you find every prompted country's flag and 'hide' it?
European Country by Coat of Arms
You might want to bring a warm one, we heard it's chilly outside.
Flag Selection: Africa
This is Ghana be difficult.
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