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Get the Picture: Dutch-Speaking Cities
Can you match each city with the right Dutch-speaking country?
Divided Flags
United they fly, divided they fall.
Country Flag by Socks Click II
Can you click the socks that depict the flag of the given country?
Those 12 Flags: Novel Settings
Pick the modern day flags that correspond to the main setting for these novels.
Get the Picture: Blue on the Flag?
Can you decide whether the given country's flag contains the color blue or not?
Get the Picture: Horizontal or Vertical Flag
Can you choose if the given flag has horizontal or vertical stripes?
Flags No More (Europe)
Some of these are a little dated.
Badly Drawn Flags of Africa
Could you do any better in MS Paint?
Mostly Green Flags
Sometimes you just have to settle for 75%.
Get the Picture: Canadian History
Pick the flag that was flying when each of these Canadian events took place.
Get the Picture: Explorers by Country
Can you choose the flag of the modern day country where each explorer was born?
Flags Stripped of Their Colors II
Pick the correct flag outline for each country.
Negative Flags (Easy)
Identify the world flags whose negative images are displayed. (Easy)
Those 12 Flags: Currencies
This quiz is really on the money.
Flag Day Facts
June 14th is Flag Day. Can you answer these interesting facts about the flag?
Never the Flag
Given four flags, pick the one that has never been used as that nation's national flag.
A Fusion of Flag Elements
We're working on creating a new political pantheon.
Country by 'X' City
Match the country flag to the correct progressively longer-named city beginning with 'X'
Hide Asia's Flags (Minefield)
Normally a tarp works better than a minefield for hiding things.
Get the Picture - Green Islands
Pick whether the question refers to Greenland, Cabo Verde, or the Emerald Isle (Ireland).
Get the Picture: Flag Guts II
Given the name of a country, can you choose the image that is represented on some part of that country's flag?
Flags of the World (1975)
Name the Flags of the World from 1975.
Flags by Number of Stars
A shining example of vexillology.
Flags of the World (1955)
Name the Flags of the World from 1955.
Badly Drawn Flags of South America
Look, you can only do so much with MS Paint.
Black and White Flag Symbols
Type fast enough and you just might take the checkered flag.
Africa by Flag Description
Click the African country on the map whose flag matches the given description. See 'How to Play' for notes.
► Get the Picture: Horizontal or Vertical Flag II
Can you choose if the given flag has horizontal or vertical stripes?
Hide Africa's Flags
Can you find all national flags of Africa and 'hide' them?
Flag Coloring Book
Bring your digital crayons!
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