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What's My Country - 2018 Winter Olympics
Name the countries these delegations represent at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.
The Big Board: Language
You definitely need to watch your language.
Blue Images by Category
Hopefully none of these are out of the blue.
Country Flags By Bow Tie
Name the countries featured as a bow tie flag.
Flag Color Click - Saint Kitts and Nevis
Pick the parts of the flag of SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS for each color.
Flag Color Click - Cuba
Pick the parts of the flag of CUBA for each color.
Flag Color Click - Colombia
Pick the parts of the flag of COLOMBIA for each color.
Badly Drawn Flags of North America
It's okay to feel drawn to this quiz.
Flag Color Click - Chile
Pick the parts of the CHILE flag for each color.
Flag Color Click - Timor Leste
Pick the parts of the flag of TIMOR-LESTE (East Timor) for each color.
Flag Color Click - Sri Lanka
Pick the parts of the flag of SRI LANKA for each color.
Flag Color Click - Thailand
Pick the parts of the flag of THAILAND for each color.
Flag Color Click - Jamaica
Pick the parts of the JAMAICAN flag for each color.
5 in 6 in 5: Geography
Pick the five answers from each of the six categories in five minutes.
Oceanian Flag Maps
Good luck on the islands.
Eurovision 2014 Postcard Flags
Name the Eurovision 2014 participant countries by flags created by the performers.
Sporcle-fied Flags II
When Sporcle becomes a country of its own, we'll come here for flag inspiration.
Colorful Flags
Two or three colors just aren't going to cut it for these countries.
Flag Map of Europe
Name the countries of Europe and western Asia when shown their location and their flag.
Red, White, and Blue Flags
Name the Names of the Countries by their Red, White, and Blue Flags.
Anything but Canada
Sorry Canada, this quiz is not for you. (Just kidding, we love you hosers!)
Those 12 Flags: Food
This might be the first time staring at flags makes you hungry.
Flag Selection: Island Countries
Can you pick out the flags of island nations from amongst all these flags?
Quick Pick: Red in the Flag
Pick the countries that have the color red in their flag, ignoring those that do not.
Flags No More (Europe II)
Name the countries (all of which no longer exist as sovereign states) to which these 20th century European flags belonged
Hide Africa's Flags by Capital, Minefield
When given an African capital, can you find its corresponding country's flag and 'hide' it, without making a mistake?
Green Images by Category
At least this won't leave you feeling blue.
Flag History: Mexico
Those early flags look nothing like the flag we know and love today.
Flags of Dependencies and Overseas Territories
Name the flags of dependencies and overseas territories.
Socialist Heraldry
Name the countries when given their current or former socialist emblem.
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