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Just the Red: Asia
Name the flags of Asia that only have the red part showing.
Sporcle Made Flags
If Sporcle had a flag, what would be on it?
Country Flag by Socks Click
Or, you could just wrap the flag around your foot.
The Big Board: Europe
Have yourself a big old board of European geography.
Asian Countries Venn Diagram
In spite of their borders, these countries do share a little overlap here and there.
True or False Blitz: Geography
Hey, at least you've got a fifty-fifty shot.
Badly Drawn Flags of Europe
Well, an effort was made.
US State by Outline & Flag
This is not your average flag quiz.
Progressively Harder Oceanian Flags
If you don't know your Oceanic countries, you may want to wave the white flag on this one.
Flags by Number of Stars
A shining example of vexillology.
Progressively Harder European Flags
Is it just us, or do flags just all look the same after a while?
'F' in Geography
It's never good to get an 'F' in any subject, but this is one time it's okay.
Fighting Flags
You can't fight in here, this is the flag room!
Country Flags by Clocks
Name the Countries whose flags are represented on these clocks.
Country Flags By Bow Tie
Name the countries featured as a bow tie flag.
Badly Drawn World Flags
This is what it would be like if countries didn't spend more than 90 seconds on their flag design.
11-Letter Criteria Countries
Hint: All answers will have 11 letters.
Sporcle-fied Flags II
When Sporcle becomes a country of its own, we'll come here for flag inspiration.
Fast Flags of Fury II
We're not sure what made these flags so angry, but we're going to find out.
Hide Europe's Flags by Capital
When given a European capital, can you find its corresponding country's flag and 'hide' it?
Find the Countries of Europe by Flag Emoji
Can you find the European countries by an emoticon of their national flag?
Click a Flag Without...
Just don't surrender if you get stuck.
Flag Color Click: Norway
We can only hope an image of Norway's flag will cross your mind.
Mixed Flags
Vexillology meets mad science experiment.
Flag Color Click: South Africa
Of course the country with 3 capitals would have a flag with 6 colors.
African Flags: Clickable Minefield
Click only the countries that are overlaid with their correct flag.
Oceanian Flag Maps
Good luck on the islands.
Anything but Rwanda
Name the countries (apart from Rwanda) that....
Just the Blue: Asia
Name the flags of Asia that only have the blue part showing.
Flora Flags
No wonder these flags smell so good.
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