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Flag Color Click - Togo
Pick the parts of the flag of TOGO for each color.
Flag Color Click - Brazil
Pick the parts of the flag of BRAZIL for each color? (Some regions with fine-scale color variations have been combined. Note the outlines before clicking.).
Flag Border Maze III
It's a new kind of maze where doubling back is a mess.
Mixed Flags
Vexillology meets mad science experiment.
Flag Selection: The Americas
Betsy Ross must have been a busy woman.
'F' in Geography
It's never good to get an 'F' in any subject, but this is one time it's okay.
Decolorised Flags: US States
Can you choose the correct color which should replace the gray on the flag, while avoiding the decoys?
Red, White and Blue Flags
Can't think of good colours for your flag? Use red, white and blue, like everyone else.
Country Flag Spiral
You are getting very sleepy. And geographically educated.
Figure out the Flag (V)
Can you choose the correct one out of each set of four somewhat similarly themed flags when prompted?
Find the Fake Flags II
Can you find all the world countries' flags that are clearly altered, mismatched or wrong in some way?
Hide Asia's Flags (Minefield)
Normally a tarp works better than a minefield for hiding things.
42 Face Painted Flags
Bring out your finest costume make-up, these flags deserve it!
Geography Sorting Gallery
Sporcle is the perfect place to perfect your aim, at least Geography-wise.
Criteria Countries (The -stans)
How many Stans live in these -stan countries?
Progressively Harder European Flags
Is it just us, or do flags just all look the same after a while?
World Flags (A-Z)
Unfortunately, your freak flag is not included.
Blurred Flags of Africa
Name the African country when shown its blurred flag.
Proposed Flags
Do you know the Countries where these examples were proposed Flags?
4x4 Image Crossword: Flags
The perfect quiz for all of you vexillologist cruciverbalists out there.
Flags with 3 Stripes
Adidas isn't a country, is it?
Find the Fake Flags III
Can you find all the world countries' flags that are clearly altered, mismatched or wrong in some way?
Click the 'B' Flags
Not enough flags have dragons on them.
Old Glory of USA
You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag.
Avoid the Emoji Flags of US States Minefield
Can you pick all of the emoji flags which are not US State flags in the limited amount of time?
Country Flag Bits 1
Which countries' flags are these details from?
Find the Mistakes - Flag of Australia
Can you find and click on each mistake on the flag of Australia?
Image Sorting: Flags
There's also some amount of counting involved in this process.
Blurred Flags of Asia
Name the Asian country when shown its blurred flag.
European Country by Coat of Arms
You might want to bring a warm one, we heard it's chilly outside.
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