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Flags of Europe
If you've been paying attention to the Olympics over the last two weeks, you should do just fine at this, the first of the country flag quizzes.
Flags of the World
Sometimes quizzes are easy, and sometimes they are this one. Enjoy.
Those 12 Flags: Rivers
Pick the flags that correspond to these rivers.
Country Sets III
These countries have just really set themselves apart from the rest.
National Flag by Eye Make-Up
Pick the make-up design that was inspired by the flag of each country.
Flag Color Click: South Korea
We never noticed how much Seoul this flag has.
Flag Color Click: Germany
Alright Germany, time to show your true colors.
Falsely-Colored Flags
Try and pass this quiz with flying colors.
African Flag Maps
Jambo Bwana, to our Swahili-speaking Sporclers!
Asian Flag Maps
Cartographers and vexillologists, this is the quiz you have been waiting for.
Which 3 Flags?
If you don't know the answer, there are 197 (as of right now) countries you can guess.
42 Face Painted Flags
Bring out your finest costume make-up, these flags deserve it!
Countries by Former Flags
We like some of these former flags better than their current counterparts. They have an old-timey feel to them.
Flags of North America
We finally get to the continent that will probably give us the most identified flag, and I'm guessing it'll be the one with the maple leaf on it.
Most Frequent Flag Colors
If you work at the UN, you might have an unfair advantage.
Countries With Two-Colored Flags
Sporcle Factoid: Red is the most commonly used flag color.
Those 12 Flags: Mountains
Pick the flags that correspond to these mountains.
Those 12 Flags: Religious Figures
Pick the flags that correspond to these religious figures? .
Flags No More (Asia)
Name the countries to which these 20th century Asian flags belonged (as prompted by the orange indicators).
Those 12 Flags: Male Authors
Pick the flags that correspond to the nationality of these male authors.
Find the Countries of Europe by Flag Emoji
Can you find the European countries by an emoticon of their national flag?
True or False Blitz: Geography
Hey, at least you've got a fifty-fifty shot.
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