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Flags of the World
Sometimes quizzes are easy, and sometimes they are this one. Enjoy.
Flags of Europe
If you've been paying attention to the Olympics over the last two weeks, you should do just fine at this, the first of the country flag quizzes.
Flags No More (Asia II)
Name the countries to which these 20th century Asian flags belonged
Flag Commonalities: Sweden
Pick the correct group of flags when given what the countries have in common with Sweden.
Flags of Asia
With the Beijing Olympics sadly behind us, this might be one of the few times you see all these flags together before the Vancouver Winter Games in two years.
Flags of South America
With a mere 12 countries, learning the flags of South America should be a snap!
Flags of Africa
A lot of these flags of the countries of Africa have the color green in them. Libya used to have one that was nothing but green - the only completely blank mono-colored flag in the world.
Flags of the World: Progressively Harder
This quiz made our brain feel like it was flapping in the breeze.
European Countries Venn Diagram
Perhaps the only place where European borders overlap with one other.
Flags of North America
We finally get to the continent that will probably give us the most identified flag, and I'm guessing it'll be the one with the maple leaf on it.
'The Star-Spangled Banner' Clickable Lyrics
Who even uses the word 'spangled'?
Fast Facts: Geography (True or False)
Can you choose whether each fact is true or false?
Flags of Oceania
The last continent (ish) of flags is finally here! If you're observant, you might notice the Union Jack on a few of these nation's flags.
US State Flags
You have conquered US States, Capitals, Nicknames and Flowers - are you ready for State Flags?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Geography II
We're sorry to disappoint all the penguins out there, but Antarctica isn't a subcategory.
Asian Flag Maps
Cartographers and vexillologists, this is the quiz you have been waiting for.
Geography by Numbers
A numbers quiz for those who are terrified of math.
Find the European Flags
If you can ace this quiz, you'll really be able to impress everyone next time you visit the UN.
Flag Selection: Europe
Some flags just have that European look about them.
World Flags Bunker
If you get all the way through this bunker, you deserve an honorary Vexillology degree.
European Flag Maps
It would take a lot of dedication and paint to make these flags in real life.
Flags Within Flags
This is basically flagception. Wait, is that even a word?
Flag Commonalities: Canada
Pick the correct group of flags when given what the countries have in common with Canada.
Flags Within Flags II
Apparently vexillologists aren't above trading designs.
Progressively Harder European Flags
Is it just us, or do flags just all look the same after a while?
Hide South America's Flags, no Skips
Can you find all national flags of South America, without skipping any, and 'hide' them?
Country Sets III
These countries have just really set themselves apart from the rest.
Flags of the World: Stars (Clickable)
Pick the countries whose flags contain at least one star*.
Criteria Countries (Oceania)
Pick the countries which match ALL of the given criteria, reducing as you go.
90 Second Madness: Country Flags
Flags are so friendly. They're waving to us all the time.
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