Famous Quizzes

1980s Celebrity Field Guide
Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Sunday on Sporcle for whatever it was we did wrong.
Younger or Older Than Betty White?
Happy 95th Birthday Betty White!
Famous 'Wa' People by Picture
Just because their names start with 'Wa' doesn't mean that they go around crying all the time.
Differently Titled Movie Adaptions
Same story, different name.
Celebrity Couples 2016
RIP Brangelina 2004-2016
Who's That With Stevie Wonder?
Even if you aren't superstitious, you might as well play this quiz.
Famous Horror Character/Actor Match
Who's behind the mask?
Who's That At the Rock Hall of Fame Ceremony?
Now that several rappers have been inducted, should it really be called the 'Rock and Roll' Hall of Fame?
Friends Titles: Shakespeare
We'd pay good money to see Joey Tribbiani in a Shakespeare play.
Born in Minnesota
The 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' has produced its fair share of famous celebrities.
Musicians of Europe
A musical collage of Europe
Which Sporcle Quiz? (Slideshow)
A quiz about Sporcle quizzes!? We just need the 'Inception' music to play and life will be complete.
Graham Norton's Sofa Celebrities
Because celebrities like to sit down.
Who's That With a Pig?
Pig Fact: Piglets weigh about 2.5 pounds at birth and double their weight in one week.
Fictional Characters by Snow Globe II
It must be rough watching spring come while trapped in a fake winter wonderland.
In Memoriam 2016 (Picture Click)
An awful lot of famous folks who passed in 2016.
UFC Champions
It's safe to say that you wouldn't want to mess with any of these people.
Actors in Songs?
Don't worry, this isn't in a quiz about Lindsay Lohan's music career.
Celebrity Christmas TV Variety Specials
Christmas Specials even after Christmas!
Blockheads III
It seems like wearing hats might be challenging when you have a block for a head.
Missing Word: Born On Christmas
Merry Christmas, Sporclers....and Happy Birthday to these people!
History: Behind The Scenes! II
It's like you have a backstage pass to history!
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'B'
Just don't call them B-list.
Click a Frank
Let's be frank, these are the best Franks around.
Acting Musicians II
This quiz is proof that sometimes it's best to leave the acting to a professional.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment
Think you know your Entertainment subcategories? Prove it.
Wiki Entertainment Picture Click
They say don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia. But these are pictures so don't worry about it.
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