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1940s Celebrity Field Guide
People just look classier in black and white.
1990s Celebrity Field Guide
This is a handy source if you ever find yourself hunting for Nick Lachey or Pauly Shore out in the wild.
1980s Celebrity Field Guide
Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Sunday on Sporcle for whatever it was we did wrong.
1970s Celebrity Field Guide
Who says you need a time machine to go back in time?
Latin by Emoji
Just wait for the Pig Latin version of this quiz.
1930s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
Pick the correct celebrity, who was popular in the 1930s, when named.
1960s Celebrity Field Guide
The Sporcle time machine keeps going back further and further.
1950s Celebrity Field Guide
Featuring at least one Monégasque princess.
1920s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
Pick the correct celebrity, who was popular in the 1920s, when named.
Guess Who in 3 Words
If someone is summing up your life in three words, you better hope that they're good ones.
Famous Threesomes (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the item that is not part of each listed famous threesome?
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'B'
These musicians are the best of the best.
Actresses in Songs?
Well, this is one way to crossover.
Same Name Trios VI
This quiz has our names all over it.
Guess Who in 3 Words II
What would your three words be if you were in this quiz?
Wiki Entertainment Picture Click
They say don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia. But these are pictures so don't worry about it.
Movie Quote Picture Click II
This is basically a line-up of movie characters.
Last Names in TV Shows?
Just like elsewhere on Sporcle, last names are accepted.
'Friends' 10-to-1
They'll always be there for you. Along with their siblings, exes, pets and guest stars.
name these kpop idols with hats/flower crowns (updated)
can you name all these kpop idols with hats/crowns? (updated)?
1980s Surnames
We'd love to see some baby pics of these celebrities with big '80s hair and bright colors.
Famous Premier League Moments
Name the people depicted in the picture below who have been involved in famous Premier League moments.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'G'
A collection of good, great, and grand actors and actresses.
Last Names in Movies?
As a child, it was always scary to be called by your full name, but this quiz makes it downright pleasant.
Actors in Songs?
Don't worry, this isn't in a quiz about Lindsay Lohan's music career.
UFC Champions
It's safe to say that you wouldn't want to mess with any of these people.
'Don't Quote Harry Potter On That!'
As you are specifically prompted for each Harry Potter character below, can you pick the exact word that doesn't belong in that quote?
NBA Stats and Awards by the decade (2009-2017)
Name the NBA Stats and Awards by the decade (2009-2017).
Quick Pick: Donald Trump Thinks You Are Overrated
Can you quickly pick the entities Donald Trump thinks are overrated from the quotes?
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