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If you're a fan of this show on Fox/Cartoon Network/Fox, this quiz is gonna be freakin' sweet!
Which Show? Cartoon Guys
A whole lot of dysfunction here.
TV Side Characters: 10 to 1
Sometimes, the side characters are the best part. Othertimes, they're just the worst.
Animated TV Characters
We'll never get over the fact that most animated characters only have 4 fingers.
Family Guy Film Parodies II
They heard you like parodies, so they just put a parody within your parody.
Find What Stewie Griffin is Doing III
Pick the correct picture of Family Guy's Stewie Griffin for every prompted clue.
Find the Family Guy Characters
'I have an idea so smart that my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about.'
Family Guy Abroad
Filming on location is much less expensive in the world of animated TV.
Family Guy Lyrics
You might have heard this Family Guy song a couple of times.
Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin
The world's greatest rivalry finally resolved on Sporcle.
Family Guy A-Z
Giggity is not a letter of the alphabet.
Find What Stewie Griffin is Doing
Pick the correct picture of Family Guy's Stewie Griffin for every prompted clue.
Family Guy Episode Picture Click
Can you match each image to the name of the Family Guy episode it comes from?
US State TV Show Settings
Pick the US State TV Show Settings.
Animated TV Dads (Picture Click)
Pick the animated TV dads that belong to each show.
Icons Unmasked II
We never realized cartoons had so many secret identities.
10 to 1: TV Jobs
Can you pick who held what occupation?
5 by 5 Cartoon Characters II
This quiz could also be called 'my 25 best childhood friends'.
Sporcle's Easiest TV
They say television rots your brain, but here's proof otherwise. We hope.
TV Theme Song by One Word
Get ready to have 20 theme songs in your head at once.
Icons Unmasked III
Now, when watching a cartoon, we'll always wonder who's really under that mask.
Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park
Name the TV show (Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park) these characters are from.
Initially Yours: Television
These names are so recognizable, you only need a few letters to figure them out.
King of the Hill characters by quote
Name the King of the Hill characters by quote.
Family Guy TV Parodies
If someone does a parody of a Family Guy TV parody then we're down the rabbit hole people!
Family Guy Film Parodies
What would happen if there was a parody of a Family Guy film parody? We're pretty sure the world would end.
Celebrities in Family Guy
Sorry Meg. Daddy loves ya, but Daddy also loves Star Trek, and in all fairness, Star Trek was here first.
Cartoons by Socks Click
Can you click the correct socks when given a description of the cartoon character or show they depict?
Animated TV Character Sort
If these characters all got in a room together, we're not sure everyone would leave alive.
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