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Europe Minesweeper
Knowledge of how to play Minesweeper is way more important than geography knowledge here.
Countries of Europe
In the U.S. some people refer to countries in Europe as the 'old country', but we like to think of them as well-preserved.
Top 5 European Cities With Each Letter
If Staronizhestebliyevskaya, Russia had a higher population, it would be an awesome answer in this quiz.
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
Careful with those tiny countries!
Borders France, Germany, Both or Neither
Pick the countries that Borders France, Germany, Both or Neither in that order.
Find the Countries of Europe
Most Sporclers can name all 47 countries of Europe. But do you know where they are?
Europe Minesweeper II
Click these countries carefully.
Europe Minesweeper III
Microsoft wishes their version of the game was this cool.
Capitals of Europe
If you have a problem with anyone in Europe, now you know where to go to see who's in charge.
10 Closest Capitals to Amsterdam
The title of this quiz might as well be '10 Closest Capitals to windmills and wooden clogs'.
Erase Europe
This takes that whole Brexit thing to a whole new level.
Find Italian Paintings
We suggest starting your search in Italy.
Criteria Northern Europe : Map Edition
Name the countries that fit ALL of the criteria on the screen.
Countries in Europe after WWI
Pick the countries in Europe after WWI.
Yugoslavia Consonants
Who needs vowels anyway?
10 to 1: Authors by European Language
“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein
European Capital Match
Vatican City...Vatican City...what could possibly be the capital of Vatican City?
Flags of Europe
If you've been paying attention to the Olympics over the last two weeks, you should do just fine at this, the first of the country flag quizzes.
Weakest Link: Europe
Just say 'goodbye' to all those weak links.
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
Countries of Europe: Logic Quiz
If you like logic quizzes, Eur in for a treat.
European Countries with an 'I'
Keep your 'i' on the map.
Continents by Amount of Ice
If all this ice melted, sea level would rise over 200 feet.
Erase Europe by Capital
There's no way we'd go Oslo as to make a geography pun.
Country by Role in World War II (Part 3)
Pick the countries by their role in World War II.
► Countries of Europe: Few Outlines, No Skips, Mines
Pick the countries of Europe without outlines and WITHOUT SKIPPING? (For a warming up non-minefield version, check out the quiz in the playlist below this one.).
Weakest Link: Europe II
We have a weak spot for Geography quizzes.
European Union Members Minefield
Time to place your bets, how long before this quiz is just 'Click all the countries in this image'?
Criteria Players: Chelsea
Pick the Chelsea players who meet these criteria.
UEFA Champions League Winners
Originally called the European Cup, the Champions League is an annual competition facing off the top clubs in Europe. Unsurprisingly, Italy, Spain and England dominate this continental fracas.
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