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European People Groups
Can you click the area of Europe where the given people group, which does not have its own independent country, is mainly located?
Literature Set in Europe
Pick the country where each of the following books are mainly set.
Word Ladder: Scottish Lake
Name the 4-letter words in this lake-themed word ladder.
Llama Font: Countries by Capitals
Name the countries when given their capitals in llama font.
Decade by European History
You can think of decades as chapters in a really long book that keeps getting sequels.
European Cities; Real or Fake
Pick the real European cities while avoiding the decoys.
German Cities from Satellite
Name these German Cities.
Continuous Capital Chain
With the given letter hints provided, can you name every national capital in this puzzle? The first letter of each capital is the same as the last letter in the previous one.
Which is largest? US States and European Countries
Can you choose the largest in terms of area among these US States and European countries?
Complete the Map Snippet I
Complete the map by naming each country that appears in the map snippet.
2000th quiz by xyz_
Congrats to xyz_ on 2000 quizzes! One of the best geography quizmakers on Sporcle.
Defining 'Dutch'
It's time to go Dutch.
The Czechia Quiz
Be sure to Czech your answers at the end.
10 Largest European Countries in Order
Advance warning: don't forget about Greenland being part of Denmark.
Blondest countries
Name the countries with the highest percentage of people with blonde hair.
European cities in their own language
Match the name of the city to the country to which it belongs.
Just One: Europe
Can you choose whether the country, capital, flag or outline given belongs to Europe?
European Cities at Sunset
We can assume that these photographers were facing West.
Opera Houses
Given the name of a famous opera house, can you click the correct one?
Geographically Closest European Countries: Vowels
You can ignore the 38 consonant countries entirely.
Go with the Flow: Europe
If you'd never considered arranging a continent into a flow chart before, you definitely will after playing this.
European Historical Figure Minefield
This should be a good pulse check for those taking history classes in the fall.
Top 10 European Languages Blitz
Everybody likes a good Top 10 list.
Quick Pick: Retiring Soccer Players
Can you quickly pick the soccer clubs when given the players whose last appearance was at that club?
Timeline of Religion
Can you click the correct year these key events in religious history occured?
Europe: Four-Border Countries
Sorry Iceland, you never get involved in these border quizzes.
Spanish Borders Minefield
The rain in Spain also falls on these countries.
EU Capitals Criteria
Pick the capitals of the European Union that fulfill ALL the given criteria, reducing as you go.
Quick Pick: Cities in Poland
Can you quickly click only the cities in Poland and avoid decoys?
Religions in Europe
Can you click the area of Europe where the given Religion is the main Faith?
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