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Continents by Forest Area
It might be hard to see the forest through the trees, but it's impossible to see the whole continent!
European Capital Match-Up
These capitals got lost from their countries. Can you put them back together?
Continental Geography Match
These continents are always in competition with each other.
Official Languages of Europe
It is the distinguished diplomat that can hold his tongue in ten or more languages.
Mediterranean Island Hopping
A Mediterranean vacation sounds pretty good right about now.
Continental River Pick
Pick the correct continent given the name of a river that flows through it.
European Countries with a 'P'
Pick the European countries whose name has a 'P' (anywhere).
Hidden Neighbors of Poland
It's an international game of hide-and-seek!
Continents by Amount of Ice
If all this ice melted, sea level would rise over 200 feet.
'P' in Europe
Because 'Euroe' just felt a little weird.
Europe Populous Cities
The most populous cities of Europe, take two. *We've updated this one to take into account urban regions, and brought back the European cities of Turkey and Russia.
10 Most Populated Countries in Europe
If you like being around people, these countries have a lot of them.
Denmark vs. Greenland
Name the country* for which the given category's value is larger.
European Countries Quick 7-to-1
Can you quickly match each European country to the group in which it belongs?
No Outline European Capitals
This would be way easier if capitals were always in the middle of the country.
European Countries Ending in 'Y'
Yurope made very, very easy.
European Countries with an 'O'
Pick the European countries whose name has an 'O' (anywhere).
Find the Countries of Europe by Capital
There's a party at Sporcle HQ, and Eu're all invited.
Cities Sorting Gallery
Try to sort your way through these cities without getting lost.
Hidden Neighbors of Ukraine
Where on Earth do these countries go to hide?
European Flag Maps
It would take a lot of dedication and paint to make these flags in real life.
Minefield Map: European Capitals
If you like capitals, Eur-in for a treat.
'W' in Europe
Can you name these European whereabouts?
'D' in Europe
Do you have the discipline and drive and to determine these answers?
European Geography Bunker
Make sure you bring some reading material.
Countries of Europe in 1721
A lot of things can change in 290 years.
Europe: That Doesn't Border Italy!
Name the European countries (apart from Italy, of course) that don't border Italy.
Famous Slovenian Aircraft [Picture Click]
Picture Click - Slovenia Aircraft
Classical Composers by Country (Picture Click)
Can you find the European countries of birth of these composers on a map?
Border Chain Minefield III
Despite their similar names, Switzerland and Swaziland are actually quite far away from each other.
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