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Anagram Map of Europe
Playing every quiz 'We Send' your way is 'A Vital' part of being a Sporcler, so let us 'Lay It' on you.
Hidden Neighbors of Ukraine
Where on Earth do these countries go to hide?
Hidden Neighbors of Germany
Here's a nice game of hide-and-seek, Sporcle style.
20 Country Snapshot II
Say cheese, Earth!
Alps Countries on a Map
As with any Sporcle quiz, yodeling is always acceptable while playing.
Find the European Union Members
If you are looking for European Union members, might we suggest that you do NOT start in London.
Click the Country: 'L' Cities
Turns out that show on Showtime - 'The L Word’ - had nothing to do with geography.
Country Sets II
Ready, set, country (err...go.)
Country Sets
If the world ever decides to reorganize, countries should consider grouping by similarly spelled names.
Least Populous Countries A-Z: Europe
On an A-Z quiz, having a low population is relative.
UEFA Champions League Winners
Originally called the European Cup, the Champions League is an annual competition facing off the top clubs in Europe. Unsurprisingly, Italy, Spain and England dominate this continental fracas.
7-Letter European Countries
It turns out Europe really likes their 7-letter countries.
3-Letter Europe
Don't worry, this isn't a quiz about 3 letter countries in Europe.
Trading partners of Azerbaijan
Name the top ten import and export partners of Azerbaijan.
20 City Snapshot
Hopefully these cities remember to smile.
Word Ladder: Eastern European Capital and Country
Name the 3-letter words in this geography themed word ladder.
Flag Color Click - European Union
Pick the parts of the flag of the European Union for each color.
Flag Color Click - Finland
Pick the parts of the flag of FINLAND for each color.
Flag Color Click - Hungary
Pick the parts of the flag of HUNGARY for each color.
Flag Color Click - Ireland
Pick the parts of the flag of IRELAND for each color.
Flag Color Click: Belgium
We think you'll like this quiz a waffle lot.
Flag Color Click - Iceland
Pick the parts of flag of ICELAND for each color.
Classical Composers by Country (Picture Click)
Can you find the European countries of birth of these composers on a map?
Quick Pick: Famous Romanians
Pick the famous people from Romania.
The France Quiz
Vive le Sporcle!!
Country Sets III
These countries have just really set themselves apart from the rest.
European Countries with a 'K'
Pick the European countries whose name has a 'K' (anywhere).
Click the Alps Countries
Mountains aren't just funny, they're hill-areas.
10 to 1: European Cities
All told, this quiz includes 55 cities. That's an extensive European tour.
European Countries with an 'I'
Pick the European countries whose name has an 'I' (anywhere).
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