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7-Letter European Countries
It turns out Europe really likes their 7-letter countries.
Erase Europe
This takes that whole Brexit thing to a whole new level.
Countries of Europe
In the U.S. some people refer to countries in Europe as the 'old country', but we like to think of them as well-preserved.
Flag Color Click: Germany
Alright Germany, time to show your true colors.
Find the Countries of Europe
Most Sporclers can name all 47 countries of Europe. But do you know where they are?
Capitals of Europe
If you have a problem with anyone in Europe, now you know where to go to see who's in charge.
Erase Europe (Few Outlines, No Skips)
Click each country in the prompted random order to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong and without the help of most borders.*
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
Careful with those tiny countries!
Europe by First 3 Letters
The first three is all you need.
City Profile: Rome
Even on Sporcle, all roads lead to Rome.
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
Chemistry Hazard Symbols
Match the 9 standard chemistry hazards to their European designed symbols.
Click a Flag Without...
Just don't surrender if you get stuck.
Erase Europe by Capital
Click each country by capital city to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong.
Flag Color Click - Cyprus
Pick the parts of the flag of Cyprus for each color.
Europe by Last 3 Letters
Bad news, all the 'TAN' countries are in Asia.
Elevated Europe (Picture Click)
Can you find the European countries whose highest points are at least 2500 meters (8202 feet) above sea level? (see game note)
☠ Countries of Europe: No Outlines Ultimate Minefield
Pick the countries of Europe without outlines and WITHOUT SKIPPING? (For a warming up non-minefield version, check out the quiz in the playlist below this one.) *** Please read 'How to Play' ***.
UEFA Champions League Winners
Originally called the European Cup, the Champions League is an annual competition facing off the top clubs in Europe. Unsurprisingly, Italy, Spain and England dominate this continental fracas.
European Capital Match
Vatican City...Vatican City...what could possibly be the capital of Vatican City?
Europe per Last Letter
If only more European geography ended in Q.
Flags of Europe
If you've been paying attention to the Olympics over the last two weeks, you should do just fine at this, the first of the country flag quizzes.
European Countries with a 'B'
'B' sure to Czech out the how to play.
Countries & Capitals Sorting Blitz
If there's one thing we hate sorting it's countries. Those borders are way too pointy.
Europe by Five Letters
If you get them all, give yourself a high five.
1000 AD: Clickable Map
You may know it as Constantinople, but it will always be Byzantium to us.
European Countries Per Letter
Qatar won't help you now!
Top transfers this summer
Name the 20 most expensive summer signings in Europe's top five leagues so far.
'L' in Europe
Litaly and Lestonia aren't countries, don't even think about trying them.
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