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World Capital Length Match
Pick the country with the capital that is the specified length.
Click Which European Microstate
Can you pick whether the given information is true for Andorra, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City in the given amount of time?
Czech Republic Borders Minefield
Pick the countries which share a border with Czechia without making a mistake.
'R' in Europe
'R' you ready for some geography?
Reptiles of Europe
Pick the European reptiles.
English Soccer Players
Name the soccer players from England.
Closest Borders: Budapest
Name the closest international land borders to Budapest.
European Countries with a 'D'
These countries are delightfully dandy in every way.
Pixel Art - European Flag #1
Type the names of European countries to fill in the pixelated version of one of their flags. Once you know the flag's country, type its name between pound signs (i.e., #Country#) to complete the quiz.
Two Degrees of Separation - Austria
Can you name all of the countries with exactly one country between them and Austria?
🌍 Hello, Europe!
Pick the countries of Europe given the way they say 'Hello'.
Europe: We're Surrounded!
How will these countries ever escape!?
🐻 Spider Berlin 🐻
Straight lines are drawn between Berlin and different locations. Click the line that leads to the given place!
Italy or not? (Slideshow)
Name the tell if the picture shows Italy (I) or another country (O).
European UNESCO World Heritage Countries
Pick the European countries in which these UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located.
Mirrored Europe
The nice thing about globes is even if directions are switched, you can still get where you want if you go far enough.
Top 20 Cities of Poland on a Map
We hope you've Polish-ed up on your European cities.
Dutch Paintings [Pic Click]
Pick the correct painting by a Dutch artist when prompted.
I ❤️️ You, Europe!
I Love Paris (and the surrounding area) in the Springtime.
Baltic or Bust!
Can you choose whether the statement matches one of the three Baltic countries, or if it's just bust?
Italian Region Picture Click
Pick the Italian regions when prompted.
Build a Mosaic of France
Can you answer the following trivia questions and make a colorful mosaic of mainland France?
Build a Mosaic of Italy
Can you answer the following trivia questions and make a colorful mosaic of Italy?
Historical Capitals of Europe
Pick the historical capitals of these european countries.
Hidden Neighbors of Ukraine
Can you find the bordering countries of Ukraine?
Premier League Nationalities: Europe
Just a well-spirited game about the game of footy.
Belgium by Sporcle Category
Can you choose the correct answer to one Belgium-related question for each Sporcle category?
Just the Yellow: Europe
Name the flags of Europe that only have the yellow (or gold) part showing.
'Greek' Countries (Europe)
Or, to title it another way, 'Fraternity Houses of Europe.'
Istanbul (or Constantinople?)
Given a historical event that happened in the city, can you tell if the name of the city at the time was Istanbul or Constantinople? (See How to Play)
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