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Erase Europe
This takes that whole Brexit thing to a whole new level.
Countries of Europe
In the U.S. some people refer to countries in Europe as the 'old country', but we like to think of them as well-preserved.
Erase Europe (Few Outlines, No Skips)
Click each country in the prompted random order to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong and without the help of most borders.*
Find the Countries of Europe
Most Sporclers can name all 47 countries of Europe. But do you know where they are?
Capitals of Europe
If you have a problem with anyone in Europe, now you know where to go to see who's in charge.
Border Bunker
Don't forget your passport or you may be denied entry to this quiz.
Find the Countries of the British Isles
Can you find the countries of the British Isles on a map?
Landmarks Sorting Blitz
Click the listed landmarks in order according to the continents they are located in, following the repeated pattern of: North America, Europe, Africa, Europe.
Europe: That Doesn't Border Italy!
If you don't know your borders, you cannoli do so much.
Find the Regions of England
Can you find the regions of England on a map?
European Geography Bunker
Make sure you bring some reading material.
Erase Europe by Capital
Click each country by capital city to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong.
European Capital Match
Vatican City...Vatican City...what could possibly be the capital of Vatican City?
Find the Provinces of Ireland
Can you find the historical provinces of Ireland on a map?
10 Poorest Countries in Europe
Change just one letter and these are the poolest countries in Europe. That sounds way more fun.
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
Careful with those tiny countries!
Find the Regions of Scotland
Can you find the regions (electoral) of Scotland on a map?
Sporcle's Easiest Capitals (Per Continent)
It's so easy a non-Sporcler could do it.
Map of 1914 Europe Quiz
Can you label the Europe 1914 Map?
Ancient City Maps II
Name the cities by one of their ancient or early maps.
Obscure Knowledge - European Capitals
With only one attempt, what is the least well-known European capital you can name? The less well-known the capital, the more you'll score! (Stats taken from Sporcle's own 'Name the Capitals of Europe' quiz)
Erase Europe by Capital (Few Outlines, No Skips)
Click each country in the prompted random order to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong and without the help of most borders.*
The Lithuania Quiz
Random Lithuania Fact: It is the only country in the world with its own official smell - the Scent of Lithuania.
Roman Mythology Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram for each Roman god and goddess?
Santa's Names in Europe
Pick the country in which you will find the indicated name for Santa Claus (or his equivalent).
Countries of Europe Without Outlines
This quiz is a lot like Doctors Without Borders but with less of a need for a medical degree...or serious injury.
Find the European Countries Without 'E'
Without 'E', it's just Urop.
A Tourist's View of Berlin
This is certainly one way to travel.
Criteria Countries (Europe)
Some countries in Europe are in a very exclusive club.
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
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