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One Word Television
Extra words just get in the way.
Emmy - Comedy
The reports of the death of comedy have been greatly exaggerated. Here is the list to prove it.
Emmy - Comedy Actor
I don't know why Jerry Seinfeld is not on the list, he must feel so under appreciated.
Start the TV Show Title
"Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn't change people's habits. It just kept them inside the house." Alfred Hitchcock
Emmy - Comedy Actress
The Emmys are coming on September 20th, but it is never too early to start mentally preparing yourself.
Click the EGOT Trophies
Can you pick the trophies that are awarded to members of this exclusive club?
'Family' Titled TV
If only all families could work out their differences in 23 minutes.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Television
We knew all that TV watching would some day pay off.
Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?
Either way, you know someone is going to die.
Emmy - Drama
My Netflix queue is pretty much filled with these. Can you name these Dramas?
Strongest Link: Television
Can you remove one TV Show as the strongest link for each round and find the loser?
10 to 1: Emmy Best Comedy Characters
Will you be watching the Emmys tonight? We know we will!
Emmy By Image (Comedy)
There's something funny about this quiz...
Missing Word: Primetime Emmy Winners
Name the missing word from these primetime Emmy winners.
Sitcoms, Characters, and Actors
Behind a good show is always a great cast.
'B' Television Characters
'B' seeing you in front of the television.
TV Characters Known By One Name
Last names? We don't need no stinkin' last names!
Trivia Pyramid: US Television
The pyramid is a cool shape, but seems like an unsafe way to stack TVs.
Somewhere in the Middle (Television)
And here we thought Malcolm was in the middle...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best new show on TV, and it's not even close.
Comedy Actor Emmy Noms (2000s)
Of course now this quiz is reminding us of how much we liked Arrested Development.
10 to 1: Game Shows
Or if you're on The Price is right, it might be $10,000 to $1,000.
Bullseye Blitz: TV!
Score a direct hit and you might break your screen.
Emmy Nominated Every Season
It must just get boring after a while, right?
Missing Member: Television
We're hiring you as a detective. Congratulations!
Tough Choices: TV Edition
The only tough choices we like to make are the ones that involve binge-watching TV shows.
Word Ladder: Emmy Winning Shows
Name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder.
Emmy - Drama Actor
Ahh the Emmies, congrats to the 2009 winners, which look a lot like the 2008 winners.
The 'Big 4' Awards (EGOT)
These nine people have each won an Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Emmy, and Nobel Peace Prize... well, maybe not the last one.
Which Has More Episodes?
This is an important question to ask yourself, when picking a new TV show to watch.
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