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First One - Last One (Holiday)
Name the first and last.
Easter Egg Logic Puzzle
The best way to use logic is to not have any of it at all.
Sunday Crossword: Egg-cellent!
Since when are rabbits laying all these eggs?
Summer Painting
Can you paint a summer-themed object/scene by answering these questions about Summer?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Holiday
It's time to get to celebrating. You've got a lot to do.
Multi-Category Onesomes
Being wholly unique isn't so bad.
Which Holiday?
Cat puns freak meowt.
Multi-Category Foursomes
Are you feeling lucky?
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Holiday
Trust us, playing this won't be a lost claus.
Holiday by LEGO
We imagine that holiday Legos are just as painful to step on as normal ones.
Typing Challenge: 100 Easter Words
You'll have to type as fast as a rabbit.
Holiday Blitz: E
Pick the correct E answer to these Holiday questions.
Find Five: Holiday Things
You're probably not going to find them under your drying Christmas tree, however.
Black the Block: Holiday
Nothing says "happy holidays" like total darkness.
Holidays on May 4th: True or False?
Can you determine whether each holiday may fall on May 4th or not?
Fill in the Blanks With Painted Eggs - Bible II
Pick the correct picture to fill in the blanks of these Bible verses.
Fill in the Blanks With Painted Eggs - Harry Potter
Pick the correct picture to fill in the blanks of these chapter titles from the books about Harry Potter.
Match the Images: Bunnies!
Match the identical bunnies in just 60 seconds.
CSGO Map Easter Eggs
Do you know the CSGO Map Easter Eggs by their Name?
Spot the Difference XXXIV
Look at the Easter Bunny. Look at it.
Quickly Click a 'Chick'
Can you pick all 30 'chick' buttons in 30 seconds while avoiding the decoys?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday II
Let's celebrate good trivia 365 days a year.
Badly Drawn Holidays
Looks like Hallmark just got some new holiday card ideas.
Reverse Alphabet: Holiday
Reverse the holidays? The New Year is going to get really confusing!
Closest Countries to Easter Island
Sadly, they don't host Easter egg hunts on the island year-round.
Holidays by Teddy Bears
Bad puns are pawsitively unbearable.
Easter on Stained-Glass Windows
Okay but where's the Easter Bunny stained glass window?
Quick Pick: Easter in 10 Languages
Can you quickly pick correct word for Easter in the prompted language?
Who Am I? Holiday Mascots and Characters
In our opinion Colonel Sanders should be incorporated into every holiday.
Stations of the Cross in Order (Clickable)
Can you click the Stations of the Cross in order?
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