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TV Shows by 4 Characters
Some things are just best in fours.
Doctor Who Episodes (2005-Present)
See how much you know about the Doctor.
Iconic TV Duos
Can you correctly combine these, according to Rolling Stone magazine, iconic TV duos and their TV show?
Triplets Picture Click TV 1
Pick the picture representing the common theme for each triplet.
Follow That Line: 'Doctor Who'
You may be a doctor, but I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say.
Doctor Who Matchup (2005 Series)
Why are we always confusing Dr. Who for Professor Spacetime?
Who Was the Doctor?
Time Lords just wanna have fun.
Famous TV Couples
Television kindles romance. Sometimes it's better than a romantic dinner, in that regard.
Tough Choices: TV Edition
The only tough choices we like to make are the ones that involve binge-watching TV shows.
Doctor Who Typing Challenge
If you type fast enough, you may turn into a Time Lord.
'Doctor Who' Actors
We're still waiting for someone to document all the actors who played Inspector Spacetime.
Word Ladder: Doctor Who
Name the 4-letter words in this Doctor Who-themed word ladder.
Follow That Line: 'Doctor Who' II
Today is the 10th anniversary of Doctor Who's return. Allons-y!
Blood Relatives Slideshow: TV
Don't worry, you won't have to visit any of your actual relatives.
Doctor Who Actors - Clickable Minefield
“This is who I am, right here, right now, all right? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!”
Doctor Who Episodes by Any Word
Don't blink or you'll run out of fill in these answers.
Doctor Who Credited Actors
Who gets all the credit in Doctor Who?
Quick Pick: 'Doctor Who' Creatures
Pick the real 'Doctor Who' creatures while avoiding the decoys.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz IV
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Doctor Who Companions
These folks travel with the Doctor and share his adventures - how many can you name?
Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens Monologue
When there's a monologue to monologue, nobody can monologue quite like the Doctor.
10 to 1: British Television
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Click a Ty
This is our type of quiz!
Classic Doctor Who: First Appearance
Pick the name of the classic Doctor Who serial that marked the first appearance of each of the following.
Matt Smith Monsters (Minefield)
Pick the Matt Smith Monsters.
Doctor Who 'Simpsonized'
We'd love to see a Doctor Who episode set in Springfield.
Doctor Who or Dr. Seuss?
We wonder what the Whos of Who-ville think about this one...
The Doctor's Companions
"You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you're around"
9 Fictional British Characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the United Kingdom.
True or False Doctor Who
Can you choose the True or False Doctor Who?
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