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Complete the Animated Movies (2010s)
New movie idea: Ralph Breaks Sporcle.
This or That Blitz: Sesame Street or Disney
Can you identify if the characters are from (S)esame Street or (D)isney before time runs out?
Where Did They Originate? (Disney)
Can you pick whether these Disney characters originate from Europe (E), North America (N) or the rest of the world (W) in this minefield quiz?
Disney/Pixar Singer Match
Disney really loves them some Randy Newman.
Toy Story Character Blitz
"There seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere."
Entertaining Middle A
Name the Middle A answers from the world of entertainment.
Missing Word Crossword: Disney Films
Don't cross your Disney words.
Toy Story 1, 2, or 3?
Who's watching Toy Story 4 for Keanu Reeves today?
Disney 'I Want' Songs
If Ariel had listened to the Rolling Stones, she'd have know that you can't always get what you want.
Pixar Movies Periodic Table
Name the Pixar characters on this periodic table.
LogiCrossword: Disney Princesses
This wouldn't be the first time Disney princesses have crossed over.
Disney Princess by Song
Pick the Disney princess by a song she sings.
Spot the Disney Film
There won't be that many spots, though.
Musicals Sixes
Six isn't one of those numbers the brain gravitates towards, but okay.
Quick Pick: Disney's Seven Dwarfs in Latin
Pick the Latin names of Nix Alba's* Seven Dwarfs? (*Snow White ).
Actor-Movie Loop Quiz
They're acting circles around these movies.
Disney Movies by Oscar-Nominated Songs
Did you fail this quiz? It's okay. Just let it go.
Disney Movie Crossword I
Can you fill the Disney Movie Crossword I?
Follow That Line: Finding Nemo
When in doubt, keep swimming.
Finish the Famous Disney Song Lyric II
These answers might be as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
Jonas Brothers Songs
They're like back together now?
Word Ladder: Early Disney Animated Films
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder themed on early Disney animated films.
Cartoons by Socks Click II
Please allow us to sock it to you.
Missing Word: 'The' & 'A' Disney Songs
Name the missing words from these Disney songs, all of which begin with 'The' or 'A'.
Disney Crossword: Create the Castle
Can you fill in this Disney-themed crossword to finish making the castle?
Get the Picture: Disney Villains II
Can you choose the correct Disney villain for each piece of trivia?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Do you think this is how theaters sort out what they're playing?
Disney Princesses in Wreck-It Ralph
Do you have magic hair? Magic hands? Do animals talk to you? Were you poisoned? Cursed? Kidnapped or enslaved?
Get the Picture: Blue Fictional Characters
Can you choose which blue character...
Word Ladder: Disney Throwback
Name these 4-letter words in this ladder themed on a Disney Channel show.
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