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History: Lucky Accidents
This CP is not an accident
Subcategory Sort: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
Space Exploration by the Year
Hey NASA, I am still waiting for my flight.
Aiming at the Moon
The Moon is 2,159 miles wide. It shouldn't be that hard to hit, right?
Men on the Moon (Multiple Choice)
A quiz that is out of this world
Explorer Fun Facts 2
This 2 is a fun quiz.
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
Pick the (historical) events that celebrated their anniversary in 2018.
Criteria Sorting Gallery: AMERICANA
As if criteria quizzes weren't hard enough... Can you do this 6 to 1 sorting gallery of ever shrinking Criteria Quizzes all about American topics? (see How to Play)
Black the Block: History
Just don't use a sharpie on your computer screen to fill in the blocks.
Explorers Sorting Gallery
I have primarily explored Sporcle.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, or Spy?
Can you choose what each person is primarily 'known to history' as?
-lphabetized: Explorers
-ice -xplorer -uiz
Facilities Onboard the Titanic
Pick the facilities below which were on board the RMS Titanic? .
Explorer Fun Facts
Fun Facts indeed!
Stigler's Law of Eponomy
Stigler's law states that no scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer - can you identify the person for whom the given discoveries are named, despite them not being the ones to have originally discovered them?
Discovering North America
Still waiting for that Kyrgyzstani expedition.
Nuclear Timeline Minefield
Possibly the most dangerous possible form of minefield.
Solo Artists or Inventors?
I could be both if I wanted to, I just don't want to.
Great Explorers by Nationality
Can you pick 5 great world explorers for each nationality?
Inventions of the 17th Century
As I recall, it was a pretty good century to be discovered.
Missing Word: Explorers
Name the missing word from these explorers' names.
First discovered element per letter
Name the first discovered element beginning with each letter.
Word Ladder: Everyone to the Yukon!
Go north, young prospector.
Quick Pick: Moonwalkers
I could have walked on the Moon, I just didn't want to.
Inventors' True Inventions
Here at Sporcle, we feel like we basically invented quizzes.
Historical Events by Hemisphere
Can you choose whether these historical events were north or south from the Equator?
Country Face-Off
It's like a World Cup for country facts.
Early Technology
Name these first, or early, versions of these technological things.
Sail to the New World!
One wrong turn, and you get a holiday named after you.
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