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Missing Word: Directors IV
Name the missing words from these director's movies.
Hayao Miyazaki Movies
"I never read reviews. I'm not interested. But I value a lot the reactions of the spectators." - Hayao Miyazaki
Sam Mendes Films
Name the feature-length films directed by Sam Mendes.
Movie Series by Original Director
These series started off strong, but a few of them went horrible wrong.
5-Star Directors
This quiz won't be over until you yell 'CUT!'.
Steven Spielberg By Letter
We're excited for Spielberg's next film about an amusement park filled with cloned U.S. presidents. Should be a hit!
Based on the TV Show
So basically we are all just sitting around waiting for that summer blockbuster based on ALF.
Movie Directors II
Another twenty movies that wouldn't have been nearly as cool without the man or woman calling the shots behind (or sometimes in front of) the camera.
Movie Directors
You know the movies. You probably know the actors. The question is, do you know the director?
Missing Word: Film Directors (A-Z)
Name the missing portions from the names of the movie directors, going from A-Z.
Movie by Quote: Directors
Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Top of the Box Office (2012)
It looks like a few movie studio executives will live to green-light another year.
Honorary Oscar Recipients
If we handed out 'Sporcle Globe' awards, what would the categories be?
All-Star Casts
How much of the budgets of these movies went towards paying the actors?
Movies Without Grammar
Somebody did a little too much copy editing on these movie titles.
50 Movies By 50 Directors
Why are these guys always bossing everyone around?
Name the Horror Director
Name the horror director.
Click Me Five: Movies II
You can count the number of movies using just the fingers on one hand. Isn't that something?
Oscar Winners as Kids
Anna Paquin and Tatum O'Neal actually WERE kids when they won their Oscars.
Match 'Em Up Blitz - Movies
On Sporcle, it's okay to play with 'matches'.
Missing Word: Mystery Movie Director
Name the missing words which create a movie title by the mystery movie director.
Missing Word: Directors III
Name the missing word from each of these director's films.
Time Out's 100 Best Comedy Movies
Name the Films featured on Time Out's 100 Best Comedy Movies List.
Directors by Actors
Sometimes nepotism isn't such a bad thing.
Don Bluth Directed Films
Name the Don Bluth Directed Films.
Directors with Multiple Oscars
Probably the best bald head he's ever kissed.
Film Soundtrack Quiz
Name the Film Soundtrack.
Top of the Box Office (2011)
We're sort of surprised Avatar didn't make the list again.
Combination Lock: Modern Movie Directors
If you're going to be a master safe cracker, you have to beat the combination lock.
300 Modern Directors
Name the 300 Modern Directors.
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