Director Quizzes

Movie Anagrams II
Look at it a different way.
Thirteen Groups of Thirteen
Can you identify all thirteen members of the following groups?
European Directors Matching Game
Don't forget your passport!
Hollywood and World Cinema Directors by Movies
All the great names behind the cameras, from anytime and anywhere, just in one quiz!
Wes Anderson Films by Picture
There's something aWESome in those frames.
Fifteen Groups of Eight
Can you identify all eight members of the following groups?
007-to-1 IV
Quiz. Bond Quiz.
Two-Word Movie Title Jumble
It's Sporcle's own 'Rumble in the Jumble.'
That Movie Was a Nightmare!
When production becomes more interesting than the movie.
Oscar Best Director Movies
A director's most famous movie isn't always his most prized.
Movie Books: The Subtitles
We thought the whole point of movies was to avoid reading?
25 More Famous Movie Directors on Set
How many directors does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, but he wants to do it 32 times and when he’s done, everyone thinks his last lightbulb was better.
Match the Director to the Film (Hard)
All these directors are famous, the titles to pick not so much.
Three Characters: Tim Burton
Was it this quirky oddball character or that quirky oddball character?
Hitchcock movies with no repeating vowels
With a filmography as long as Hitchcock's it was difficult to not repeat himself, yet ...
Studio Ghibli Films
If you think that Ghibli was one of the dwarves in Lord of the Rings, you might consider playing another quiz.
Movie by Quote: Directors
Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
5-Star Movie Pairs
Some people just really like working together.
Directors' 8-into-1 Supermovies
8 is the number of titles for each director, not a movie format
Studios Made These Movies Better?!
Sometimes we wonder if studios ever make a movie better.
First Five: Movies
If you were one of the first 5 people to show up to a movie, the seat options would be endless!
Director Names Match-Up
Some pairings sound better behind a camera
Director by Words From Movie Titles
Here's where it really pays to have a unique title.
Movie Directors: Same Nationality (Clickable)
Match the moviemakers coming from the same country.
Director by IMDB Trade Marks
Classy signature or annoying habit? You decide.
Turner Classic Movies Essentials: 1950-1984 (Clickable)
It's official, you have to see these movies.
Garry Marshall Movies
RIP Garry Marshall, thanks for all the Happy Days.
Best Direction BAFTA Slot Machine
Can you use one word from each column to form the First and Last name of a BAFTA-winning director and the film for which they won?
European Directors by 3 Films
The highlights of movie festivals!
Michael Cimino Films
RIP 1939-2016
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