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Strongest Link: Movies
Can you remove one Movie as the strongest link for each round and find the loser?
Nine in Time: Directors
Everyone wants to make sure we have 9 in time, but who's going to make sure the directors are on time?
Tarantino Characters 7 to 1
Match the Quentin Tarantino characters to their movies.
Best Picture Nominees That Just Snuck In
Can you identify the BP nominees which received 3 or fewer nominations and no Best Director nod?
Images: All Academy Award Winning Movies J
Identify the films that start with J and have won Academy Awards
Concentric Squares Crossword: Movies
Can you fill the grid with names of films?
Nine in Time: John Hughes' Characters
Pick the nine characters from films directed by John Hughes by name in only 30 seconds.
Movie Honeycomb II
Can you fill in the honeycomb, using the hints and images, to reveal the mystery word? All words are read in a clockwise direction, starting at the arrow linked to each image
60 Directors Part XVII
Name these 60 Directors.
Movie Books: The Subtitles
We thought the whole point of movies was to avoid reading?
Click a Quentin Tarantino Film
You know what they call a movie quiz on Sporcle? A Royale with clicks.
Guess That Scene!
This one might even be tricky for movie buffs that have scene it all.
5-Star Directors
This quiz won't be over until you yell 'CUT!'.
Steven Spielberg Movies
Even more than directing it seems like Steven Spielberg has had a hand in writing or producing some of the most successful movies of the last 30 years.
5-Star Best Picture Winners
A Best Picture quiz? Are you not entertained?
Trivia Meets Rubik's Cube: 4x4x4
This is basically like answering questions to be allowed to peel off the stickers & move them around.
ϛoRͲ1nℊ Blitz: 3 Directors
Can you sort (i.e., click in order) the movies according to their directors? Use the repeated order of Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, and Hitchcock again.
Tim Burton Movies
We loved that one creepy Tim Burton movie that starred Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.
Complete the Horror Movie... With a Picture
You'll probably want to cover your eyes for this part.
Quentin Tarantino Movies
We love Quentin Tarantino's movies almost as much as he does.
Oscar Best Director
Lights, Camera, Action, Oscar!!!
A Life Behind The Camera
A couple of these famous directors have stepped in front of the camera a time or two as well.
100 Directors
You'd be better finish before one of these guys yells 'CUT!'.
MCU Criteria: Phase 3 Films
Pick the Phase 3 films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go.
Spielberg Movies by Oscar Nominations
He's shrugging because he has so many awards already.
50 Years of Film History
Film history is full of more surprises than a Hitchcock movie.
Movies by Actor and Director
Some of these directors and actors seem to pair up for every movie.
Quentin Tarantino Actor Match
A lot of great actors appear in Tarantino movies, even though it's likely they won't get out alive.
Word Ladder: Spike Lee Joints
Name the three-letter words in this movie-themed word ladder.
Star Wars Without George Lucas
Did you feel like this title would be a good thing after watching the prequels?
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