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Directors by First Names
Can you find these filmmakers and directors when provided only with their first names?
Oscar Winners as Kids
Anna Paquin and Tatum O'Neal actually WERE kids when they won their Oscars.
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Directors
Of the four options given, which one isn't a film directed by the named director?
Ivan Reitman by Plot Description
Name the Ivan Reitman film which is about...
Quick Pick: George Lucas
Pick the films directed and/or produced by George Lucas and avoid the decoys.
Click a Tim Burton Film
Happy Birthday Tim Burton!
Quick Pick: Michael Haneke Movies
Pick the words missing from these Michael Haneke-directed movies.
Winless Best Director Nominees
Oscar or not, these filmmakers delivered some bona fide classics.
Top of the Box Office (2015)
Bring on the sequels.
Critics Choice - Best Directors
Name the directors honored by the Broadcast Film Critics.
Two-Word Movie Title Jumble
It's Sporcle's own 'Rumble in the Jumble.'
Film by Conflicts
Wait, Star Wars wasn't based on a real war? We're so confused.
Guess That Scene!
This one might even be tricky for movie buffs that have scene it all.
Hayao Miyazaki Movies
"I never read reviews. I'm not interested. But I value a lot the reactions of the spectators." - Hayao Miyazaki
Quentin Tarantino Movies by Tagline
*awesome bass guitar riff*
Best Picture Starring Director
Name the best picture winners whose directors star in the film AND also name the director.
Quentin Tarantino Actor Match
A lot of great actors appear in Tarantino movies, even though it's likely they won't get out alive.
Based on the TV Show
So basically we are all just sitting around waiting for that summer blockbuster based on ALF.
Wrong Answer Roulette: '90s Movies
Round and round these '90s movies go, where they stop, nobody knows.
Word Ladder: Black Memoir
Name the four-letter words in this word ladder with a shady background.
Spielberg Casts
We really liked this Spielberg quiz, but it kinda gets a little too sentimental in the end.
Missing Word: Show Biz 'O' Quiz
Name the missing 'O' word from these entertainment things.
All-Star Casts
How much of the budgets of these movies went towards paying the actors?
Martin Scorsese Movie Search
'Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out.' -Martin Scorsese
50 Movies By 50 Directors
Why are these guys always bossing everyone around?
Click Me Five: Movies II
You can count the number of movies using just the fingers on one hand. Isn't that something?
Film Directors - First Names
In this quiz, you must yell 'ACTION!' as soon as you hit the start button.
Missing Word: Directors
Name the missing word from these movies of famed directors.
One-Word Hitchcock Titles
Hitchcock in one word? We're going with 'huggable'.
Same Letter Director/Movie Title (Slideshow)
Name the film AND director, both of which begin with the same letter.
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