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Word Ladder: Orson Welles
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder featuring movies starring Orson Welles.
Mystery Movie Puzzle III
Name the answers to the categories below and solve the mystery movie puzzle? (See: 'How to Play' for instructions).
Movie Books: The Subtitles
We thought the whole point of movies was to avoid reading?
Woody Allen: Any Word A-Z
Can you name any word in any Woody Allen directed movie title for each of these given letters?
Born in June: GIF Calendar Pick - 2017
Pick the person who was born on the month, date and day of the week shown on this calendar? (See How to Play).
10 to 1: Robert de Niro
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Multiple Choice: Directors' Movie Words
Three words come from the same movie title by the given director and the fourth from a different one. Can you pick the odd one out?
Guess That Scene!
This one might even be tricky for movie buffs that have scene it all.
Clickable Critical Thrashings
All movies need a good thrashing every once in a while.
Movies Speed-Picking
It's the Sporcle equivalent to fast-forwarding.
Wi-NN-ers 5-to-1 Gallery
Pick the persons with NN in their last names that have won the prompted award.
Click Me Five: Movies II
You can count the number of movies using just the fingers on one hand. Isn't that something?
5-Star Best Picture Winners
A Best Picture quiz? Are you not entertained?
5-Star Box Office Directors
We'd like to direct your attention over to this quiz.
Click Me Five: Movies
Watch a lot of movies and you'll start to see some patterns.
Oscars 7-to-1
Can you match each Oscar-related answer to the category in which it belongs?
Quick Pick: 1990s Best Picture Directors
Pick the directors of each Oscar-winning Best Picture from the 1990s.
Match 'Em Up Blitz - Movies
On Sporcle, it's okay to play with 'matches'.
Oscar Winner Connections
I wonder if all these Oscar winners get together and make fun of the non-Oscar winners from these movies.
5-Star Best Picture Winners III
Keep your friends close, but your Sporcle closer.
Movie Grab Bag Slideshow
With so much movie trivia out there, sometimes you want a little bit of everything.
5-Star Directors
This quiz won't be over until you yell 'CUT!'.
First Five: Movies
If you were one of the first 5 people to show up to a movie, the seat options would be endless!
Famous 'Co' People
These celebrities are the most likely to 'co'-operate.
Director Names Match-Up
Hitch always makes a cameo in his own quizzes.
5-Star Best Picture Winners II
Usually movies only get rated up to four stars, but we'll make an exception for these ones.
'American' Movies
Some of these movies don't even take place in America.
Wrong Answer Roulette: '90s Movies
Round and round these '90s movies go, where they stop, nobody knows.
Pixar Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each Pixar Movie?
Oscar Best Director
Lights, Camera, Action, Oscar!!!
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