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Quick Pick: Words Ending in B
Pick the words ending in B when given their definition.
Vocabulary Blitz LV
These words are mostly negative, sorry.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXX
This game carries a XXX warning.
'ASK' Definitions
Pick the words containing 'ASK' by their definitions.
Wikipedia Disambiguation pages - F
Can you choose which is the most important meanings of these words according to Wikipedia? (see game notes)
Alternative Outdoor Definitions
Pick the outdoor word when presented with an alternative definition for it.
Words Ending with '-KET'
Will you risket?
Baseball Terms by Other Definition
Name the baseball terms by another one of their definitions.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXII
Words have to share. You and your siblings may want to use them as an example.
Sunday Crossword: Unabbreviated
We didn't feel like shortening things today.
Highly polysemous words
Don't know what polysemous means? Play the quiz and find out!
Oganesson Words (Hard)
Pick the words that start with Og from their definitions.
Divergent Faction Definitions
Pick the correct Divergent faction when given their dictionary definition.
How Very Average
Can you choose the words that are a synonym for average while avoiding the ones that are not?
Quick Pick: Begins With 'Fe' by 3 Synonyms
Pick the correct words that start with 'Fe-' by 3 words that mean the same.
Symmetric Crossword III
Can you fill in the symmetric crossword?
Church Buildings and Architecture I
Complete the church building and architecture definitions.
Quick Pick: Words of the Year 2006
Can you pick Merriam-Webster's 2006 Words of the Year by their definitions?
Oxford English Maryland & Delaware
Name the common words that are also place names in Maryland or Delaware.
Celebrity by Definition
Most celebrities are hard to define.
Starts with 'RAT'
Pick the correct word that starts with 'RAT'.
Crossword: Apt Anagrams
Can you solve this crossword? Darkly shaded answers are anagrams of each other; lightly shaded answers are anagrams of their clues.
Take the 'L'
Name the words that become other words when you take away their leading 'L'.
Carrie Underwood's Vocabulary
You better think before you cheat on this.
Up Close and Personal
Pick the 'up' word or phrase to fit the definition.
The Other Half: Science Terms A-Z
We're trying to define the ABCs in more scientific terms.
Eponymous Adjectives by Definition II
Pick the eponymous adjectives given their definitions.
-ush Definitions
Knowledge of Usher lyrics probably won't help too much here.
-mal Definitions
Infinitesimal fun.
Ph Vocabulary Words Quiz
Based on the definitions, guess these words that contain the letters 'ph'.
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