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Ends With 'I' Blitz
Name the things ending with 'I' in only 6 minutes.
Literature by Definition: Mark Twain
let's hope you're on the Twain track.
Word Ladder: Scottish Lake
Name the 4-letter words in this lake-themed word ladder.
Video Game Vocabulary
Match these video game terms to their meanings.
Define That Album!
Pick the correct album when given its definition and its artist/band.
2 Words, 1 Answer: H
If you feel like it, you can treat the extra word as some kind of bonus hint.
Anagram Word Building XI
Starting at the bottom with a single letter answer, and adding one letter at a time to a jumbled word, can you build up to the final 10-letter word based on these definitions?
Sporcle WordStairs IV
Can you fill this grid of 10-letter words in order to climb down the stairs, given the definition of the words and the letters in 'Sporcle'?
Defining 'Dutch'
It's time to go Dutch.
Word Ladder: Will Kane's Showdown
Can you type the 4-letter words in this word ladder about a classic Western and its star?
Anagram Word Building VI
Some people make anagrams by being smart. We use construction and other building equipment.
Sho- Words Blitz
Pick the four-letter words beginning with 'sho' according to their definition.
Word Ladder: Never Delay
Name the 4-letter words in this Word Ladder about a famous proverb.
Quick Pick: 'Fish Verbs'
Pick the correct 'fish verb' to match each definition.
MLB Names That Are Nouns - Kansas City Royals
Can you find the missing noun that will complete each players name?
Quick Pick: 'Animal Verbs'
Don't chicken out.
Words with -Va-Voom
Match the definition or description to the words starting with the letters VA
20 Terms: American History
Match these terms from American history to their definition.
Sporcle WordStairs
Sporcle: Spread the word.
Guess the 'D' Things in 3 Words
A three word hint will be plenty long enough, trust us.
Two-Word Hint Mini-Crossword 20
Can you fill in the crossword using the two-word hints?
Can you choose the word or name beginning with 'theo-' corresponding to each definition or description?
What Did You Call Me?
Just don't call us Shirley.
Crossword: Cat Calls!
Can you fill in this feline-themed crossword?
The Language of 'Mag' Words
Pick the correct word starting with 'Mag' when given a definition.
Fancy a game of Click-ETT?
Just B & Z
This quiz is designed to keep you BZ.
NBA Players: First Name Definitions
Can you guess the NBA player based of the definition of their first name?
Incomplete Acronyms #1
Can you correctly work out the correct missing word from these well known acronyms?
Word Fill with Country Flags!
Countries missing flags.
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