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Vocabulary Blitz XLI
We think you should be able to deduce the answers here.
Vocabulary Blitz XL
This one is for you sesquipedalian types.
Keep Your Hair On
There're some hairy questions here....
Vocabulary Blitz XXXIX
This dictionary just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXVIII
The great Sporcle dictionary continues to grow.
Vocabulary Blitz
This is like rifling through the shortest dictionary of all time.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXVII
Only about a thousand more of these, then we'll have done every word in the dictionary.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXVI
The Oxford English Dictionary has over 171,000 words in it. We could keep this series going for a long long time.
AFI 100 Years 100 Laughs
When you see this list you might say, "Surely you can't be serious!"...we are serious and don't call us Shirley.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXV
Surprise, it's another vocabulary game!
Vocabulary Blitz XXXIV
This quiz will leave you wanting more and more.
Vocabulary Blitz XXIV
'I' before 'E', except after...oh wait, that helps with spelling, not vocab.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXIII
The crazy thing is, there are still thousands of these we can do.
Vocabulary Blitz XXIII
Much more entertaining than actually reading the dictionary.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXI
Here are some fancy new words you can use to impress your friends.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXII
With only 5 answers per quiz, we can do tons of these before we're at a loss for words.
Halloween Vocabulary
The only time a pumpkin is not a pumpkin is when you drop it. Then it's squash.
Vocabulary Blitz XXX
No dictionaries allowed.
Vocabulary Blitz XX
Thankfully, there are enough words in the English dictionary to keep these coming for a long, long time.
120 AP Literary Terms
Name the 120 AP Literary Terms.
Vocabulary Blitz XXVI
We could do hundreds more of these before running out of words.
CrossWordSearch Puzzle!
Combine your skills at word search puzzles and crosswords to find the words in this grid that fulfill all of the definitions. See 'How to Play'!
Vocabulary Blitz XXIX
Not sure why, but we now have a sudden urge for pancakes.
Vocabulary Blitz XVII
Say these 5 words 5 times fast and you'll be all sorts of confused.
Vocabulary Blitz XV
There are over 170,000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary... Looks like we have quite a few of these quizzes to go.
Change a Letter Slideshow
These aren't typos, they're a completely new word.
Vocabulary Blitz XVI
Save yourself the embarrassment of getting these words confused. Figure them out on a quiz!
Vocabulary Blitz XXVII
This is a quiz of few words.
Vocabulary Blitz XIX
This is the 20th 'Vocabulary Blitz,' which actually isn't that many when you consider how many words are in the dictionary.
Vocabulary Blitz XXII
Thankfully, the dictionary is a big book.
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