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Funny Questions
Here we try to answer life's most pressing questions.
Taking a 'P'
Take it or leave it, it's your call.
We hope that ewe mite fined this quiz to bee without pier.
'G' Vocabulary (Medium)
Any quiz with guacamole is fine by us.
What's in a Band's Name?
Inside every band is some great music.
English Loanwords (A-Z)
Those are some nice words you've got there, other languages.
10-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
You'll need to be a vocabulary whiz to get all of these.
One-Minute Crossword II
Quick, what's a 7-letter word for a website with mentally stimulating diversions?
10 Words 20 Definitions XIII
Half the words, double the fun.
Carefully Measured Words
See if you can measure up.
'Capitalized' Words
All words are capitalized if you hold down CAPS LOCK.
One-Minute Crossword
For those that don't have much time for their morning crossword puzzle.
Obsolete Occupations
Some of these occupations seem fun, but we hope most of them stay in the past.
One-Minute Crossword III
We wouldn't suggest crossing your fingers, it would make it much harder to type.
'F' Vocabulary (Medium)
Finally, some 'F' words you can shout freely in public.
One-Minute Crossword IV
Anyone would be lucky to cross paths with this quiz.
Taylor Swift's Vocabulary
"Shake," "It," and "Off"
Begins & Ends With Same Letter (5-Letter Words)
For you crossword fanatics out there, this quiz should be a snap; the rest of you...well good luck!
Complete the Expression... With a Picture
The pictures add a whole new meaning to these expressions.
Halloween Vocabulary
The only time a pumpkin is not a pumpkin is when you drop it. Then it's squash.
One-Minute Crossword V
If you do the crossword in ink, you just might be ready for the challenge that is the One-Minute Crossword.
These Words Have Character
Within each answer is the name of a fictional character. Can you find the word that fits each definition & contains the given character's name?
Words Starting with 'SK'
Lace up your skates!
Vocabulary Blitz XLIV
Better be quick, the timer goes fast on this one!
Images for Every Subcategory: Language
Can you choose the image that correctly answers each language subcategory question?
'B' in Science
Sadly, our science grades were never this high.
'A' in Science
A is for... Argon?
-oop Definitions
Is this quiz where Kanye got the inspiration for the lyrics to Lift Yourself?
One-Minute Crossword XIV
You'd better get a clue fast.
Literature by Definition: Charles Dickens
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was time to eat lunch.
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