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15-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Now's not the time for procrastination.
10 'Amp' Words
Can you choose the correct 'Amp-' word given its definition?
Complete the Expression... With a Picture
The pictures add a whole new meaning to these expressions.
10 Words 20 Definitions IX
Hopefully you don't find this quiz too ruff.
Drop 'OUT'
Can you name words that have had the consecutive letters 'OUT' removed to make new words?
Bingo you know the Lingo
Pick the words containing the letters 'ingo' given a definition.
Lingo from the 1980s
Dude, we are like so totally psyched about this quiz.
Literal Girls Names
This quiz is *literally* filled with puns.
Quick Pick: Begins With 'Im' by 3 Synonyms
Pick the correct words that start with 'Im-' by 3 words that mean the same.
Can you smell what these rocks are cooking?
10 'Ban' Words
We're lifting the ban on this one.
Ends with 'OA' to 'OZ'
Name the words that end with 'oa', 'ob', 'oc', etc..
Bilingual Word Ladder II (Spanish-English)
Name the 4-letter words in these two parallel word ladders, answering in the same language in which the clue is written.
Literal Boys Names
This quiz is *literally* filled with puns.
15-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Pick the correct fifteen-letter word that matches each definition.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXIII
The crazy thing is, there are still thousands of these we can do.
2-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Pick the correct two-letter word that matches each definition.
3-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
3 letters can sure pack a punch.
5-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
It's just 5 little letters, how hard could it be?
14-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
One four the money...
4-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Four letters can really pack a punch!
-son Definitions
Here comes the -son! Doo do doo doo!
17+ Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Pick the correct word with seventeen or more letters that matches each definition.
6-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Orange you glad to see a vocabulary quiz?
6-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
6-letter words are our favorite. An even amount of letters, easily split into pieces. Truly the easiest to manipulate for quiz purposes.
'R' Medical Terms
Sporcle is fun and all, but if you are using this site for medical purposes, you should really consider consulting an actual doctor.
Animal Expressions III
This quiz has almost as many animal expressions as a Katy Perry song.
'H' Vocabulary (Medium)
What the heck could these words mean?
3-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Pick the correct three-letter word that matches each definition.
2-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Pick the correct two-letter word that matches each definition.
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