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15-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Now's not the time for procrastination.
Complete the Expression... With a Picture
The pictures add a whole new meaning to these expressions.
14-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
One four the money...
Bilingual Word Ladder II (Spanish-English)
Name the 4-letter words in these two parallel word ladders, answering in the same language in which the clue is written.
12-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Twelve letters for only one word? Now that's just getting greedy.
Derived from Latin
Name the words derived from Latin.
Ends with 'OA' to 'OZ'
Name the words that end with 'oa', 'ob', 'oc', etc..
French in English II
Sacré bleu, this quiz is amazing!
13-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
If you're really really superstitious, you may want to avoid saying these words.
Can you smell what these rocks are cooking?
10 'Ban' Words
We're lifting the ban on this one.
11-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Well, this is a startlingly challenging development.
5-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Pick the correct five-letter word that matches each definition.
The Disney Dictionary
So is the word 'Disney' in the Disney Dictionary? That seems a little meta, right?
Quick Pick: Begins With 'Im' by 3 Synonyms
Pick the correct words that start with 'Im-' by 3 words that mean the same.
10 Words 20 Definitions IX
Hopefully you don't find this quiz too ruff.
Word Ladder III (Picture Click)
Complete the word ladder by clicking on the appropriate answers and avoiding the decoys? See Game Note..
Vocabulary Blitz
This is like rifling through the shortest dictionary of all time.
4-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
You don't need to say them or spell them. Just click them, and click them fast!
2-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Pick the correct two-letter word that matches each definition.
Scripps National Spelling Bee 2017 Final Words I
Match the Scripps National Spelling Bee Final Words with their definitions.
5-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
These words are very important if you hope to be any good at crossword puzzles.
6-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Orange you glad to see a vocabulary quiz?
2-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
Pick the correct two-letter word that matches each definition.
4-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Four letters can really pack a punch!
Vocabulary Blitz XX
Thankfully, there are enough words in the English dictionary to keep these coming for a long, long time.
15-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Pick the correct fifteen-letter word that matches each definition.
5-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
It's just 5 little letters, how hard could it be?
2-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Pick the correct two-letter word that matches each definition.
3-Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
3 letters can sure pack a punch.
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