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10 to 1: Movies by Decades
Cue movies in 3... 2...1...
Finish the Video Game Titles (2010s)
You might not have been able to finish the video game, but you can probably finish its title.
'00s Movie Character Match
This is, perhaps, no quiz for old men.
College Football Wins by Decade
It would have taken forever to calculate the BCS on an Abacus.
1970s Celebrity Field Guide
Who says you need a time machine to go back in time?
2000s Movie Taglines
The 2000s weren't that long ago, you shouldn't have any trouble remembering these movie taglines.
Most Populated States (1890-2000)
Poor Alaska, so large yet so lonely.
2000s Lyric Match
Any decade is a good time to be popular.
1970s Blitz
Otherwise known as That '70s Quiz.
Go Fish: TIME 90s!
Can you click either the given person on TIME of the 90s or the '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' button if that person is not available?
One Per Category: 1990s Sports
Less drama than 2000s sports, so we're told.
Ballon d'Or Winners - Decade Match
Can you choose the correct decade that these footballers won the Ballon d'Or?
Complete the '90s Song... With a Picture
The soundtrack of every older millennial's life has come alive!
Big 4 Worst of the Decade (2010s)
We're not sure what sounds longer, 10 years or a decade. But they're the same and the word "decade" is more intimidating.
1900s Match-Up
It's like Sporcle's version of turn back the clock night.
A Decade of Sports (1950s)
We bet there are NFL fans from at least a couple cities that wish they could go back in time to the 1950s.
Follow That Lyric ('60s Songs)
If you follow them, let us know where they were headed.
Modern History: 1875-1899
Pick the image that matches the description of an historical event that occurred in each year from 1875 to 1899.
Faces on TIME (1980s)
The 1980s were definitely the apex of hair spray use worldwide.
Complete the '80s Song... With a Picture
Is it a picture of big hair and shoulder pads?
Sporclin' Through the 2000s
Back in 2000, there was no such thing as Sporcle. Dark times...
Tennis Grand Slam Winners by Decade
For a term often associated with baseball, 'Grand Slam' sure pops up in lots of other sports.
Faces on TIME (1960s)
It's about TIME we ask you a few questions.
'00s Music Videos
Ah, the era right before YouTube crammed itself full of music videos.
Faces on TIME (1950s)
"Lost time is never found again." -Benjamin Franklin
PFA Players' Player Winners - Decade Match
Can you choose the correct decade that these footballers won the PFA Players' Player of the Year?
MLB Single Season HR Leaders by Decade
To get your name on this quiz, all you have to do is have 1 good year out of 10.
NBA team highest ppg scorer last decade (KOT4Q)
Name the highest point per game scorer for each NBA team in the last decade? Minimum 41 games played (33 for lockout season). .
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (2010s)
Hey, one hit is still better than zero, right?
Complete the '50s Song... With a Picture
Here's a little old time rock and roll for you.
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