Decade Quizzes

1980s Celebrity Field Guide
Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Sunday on Sporcle for whatever it was we did wrong.
TV Show Characters (1950s)
Test your TV memory here.
Rolling Stones Tunes by Decade
These Stones rolled through the decades.
Top 20 Baby Girl Names of the '60s
These names were really booming in the '60s.
Which 1970s Song? (Multiple Choice Clip Quiz)
Multiple Choice and Clip together is better than peanut butter and chocolate.
Same Decade
Which events would you choose for the 2010s?
TV Show Characters (1960s)
Yep, that really is half a century ago!
Which Year? (2000s)
Only one more year until those born in 2000 will be old enough to vote.
20th Century Decades: Odd Event Out
Looking for a good history quiz? You've come to the Wright place.
19th Century: First or Second Half II
This is a game of two halves.
'60s Timeline Picture Click
Time to think back to the days of Beatlemania, the Space Race, and Bell Bottoms.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History
You might not be a history buff, but at least you have a 1-in-4 chance.
TV Show Characters (1970s)
When characters were often characters.
Which Happened First? (1950s)
Dust off your poodle skirt and roller skate down to the burger hop, comrade!
60 '60s Songs
Can you complete the titles of this diverse group of hits?
Match the 20th Century world leader to the decade
Will all this power being thrown around cause a power surge?
20th Century Decade by Decade
You might be able to do this by photo quality alone.
1950s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
Hope you can recognize these famous faces!
Sporclin' Through the '90s
This quiz is all that and a bag of chips.
20th Century: '40s or '50s?
What did people even do before LEGOs existed?
Authors Deaths III: 1960-1979
Name the authors who died in these years when given the title of one of their works.
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