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DC Picture Find: The Flash Cw
Name the characters from cw's flash tv show.
DC Teams: First 10 Members
Name the DC Teams: First 10 Members.
7-to-1: Comic Book Publishers (Difficult)
Pick the 7-to-1: Comic Book Publishers.
Super Hero Identities - Batman Edition
I am starting to think that if you live in Gotham City being a super hero or villain is some kind of mandate.
Word Ladder: Muck Man
Name the 5-letter rungs in this word ladder.
Legends of Tomorrow Character by Secret Identity (S1-3)
Name the 'Legends of Tomorrow' characters by their secret identity.
DC's Secret Identities
Do you know all of these Secret Identities?
Word Ladder: Zooooom!
Name the 5-letter words in this themed word ladder.
DC Picture Find: Wonder Woman
Can you find the characters of the Wonder Woman universe?
DC Picture Find: Aquaman
Name the DC Picture Find: Aquaman.
Superheroes By Embarrassing GIF
Well now this is awkward.
DC Comics: Villains (A-Z)
Name The Most Published DC Villains For Each Letter Of The Alphabet.
DC Dead Heroes Club
Name the DC heroes who have died during their comic book career.
Batman Typing Challenge
Holy guacamole, Batman! It's a typing challenge!
IGN Picture Find: Top 100 Comic Book Villains
Can you find the top comic book villains, according to IGN? (PLEASE READ COMMENT BELOW FIRST)
DC Picture Find: Hawkman
Can you find the characters of the Hawkman universe?
Silly Supervillain Slideshow
It's tough to be a bad guy when you have a very silly gimmick.
Most Published: Teen Titans
Name the most published members of the Teen Titans.
DC Comics: Cover Appearances: Villains by Character
Name The DC Villains That Shared The Most Front Cover Appearances With These Heroes.
Missing Word: Man of Steel (2013) Cast
Name the missing words in these films featuring Man of Steel cast members.
Schwarzenegger on Ice
If you like puns, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, welcome to your new favorite quiz.
Top 100 Superheroes by First Letter
Name the Top 100 Most-Published Superheroes and villains by First Letter.
Superhero Olympics
Name the most-published Superheroes that would be the best in these Olympic events.
Batman: Arkham City follow that line
Pick the Batman: Arkham City follow that line.
Picture Quiz: Find the Super Heroes
Can you name all the Super Heroes featured in this picture?
DC Picture Find: Magic
Can you find the DC characters who possess magic?
50 Most Published Batman Villains
Name the 50 Most Published Batman Villains.
Top 25 IMDB rated Comic Book Movies
Name the Top 25 IMDB rated Comic Book Movies.
Know Your Lantern Corps!
We hope Gollum never hears about this.
Marvel or DC
Name the company: DC or Marvel.
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