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'Arrowverse' Secret Identities
Name the heroes and villains from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow when given their civilian identity.
Justice League in the 60's
Name the Justice League in the 60's.
Clickable DC Extended Universe
Pick the Films of the DC Extended Universe in order of release date WITHOUT making a single mistake?? (see How To Play).
Missing Word: DC Comics Characters (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from each of these DC characters?
DC Picture Find: Justice League Unlimited
Can you find all the characters from the 3 seasons of Justice League Unlimited?
Quick Pick: Batman Actors
Pick the actor who portrayed Batman in each of these Batman films.
Quick Pick: Superhero Love Interests
Can you find the superheroes by their love interests?
Marvel vs. DC: A 'Similar' Slideshow
Can you name either of the similar superheroes from Marvel or DC?
DC Picture Find: New 52 Superheroes
Can you name find the DC Superheroes based on their new 52 appearance?
Superhero Movies: Rotten or Fresh
Can you guess if the superhero movies listed were rated Rotten or Fresh on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Type 'R' for Rotten or 'F' for Fresh.
Comic-Con Cosplay
Can you name which character each Comic-Con attendee is cosplaying* as?
DC Picture Find: Superheroes
Can you find the superheroes of the DC universe?
DC Picture Find: Superman
Can you find the characters of the Superman universe?
DC Picture Find: Teen Titans
Name the members of the Teen Titans and/or Young Justice League.
DC Picture Find: Supervillains
Can you find the supervillains of the DC Universe?
Top 100 Box Office Comic Book Movies
Name the Top 100 highest grossing Comic Book/Comic Strip Movie adaptations at the American Box Office.
Arrow Characters by Secret Identity (Seasons 1-4)
Name the 'Arrow' characters by their secret identity.
Marvel/DC Amalgam Math
Can you identify these Marvel/DC heroes and the Amalgam character they combined to make?
Name the Marvel and DC Heroes! (Map)
Name these Avengers and Justice League Superheroes?*.
DC vs. Marvel: Who Came First?
First impressions last the longest.
Superheroes By City (Clickable)
Pick the Superheroes given their Fictional City or primary city of operation.
Superheroes By Nemesis (Clickable)
Pick the Superheroes given their Nemesis.
Batman Typing Challenge
Holy guacamole, Batman! It's a typing challenge!
Hulk Characters By Picture
Name the Hulk Characters By their Picture.
Profile: Stan Lee
Name the facts about Stan Lee.
Silly Supervillain Slideshow
It's tough to be a bad guy when you have a very silly gimmick.
1966 Batman TV series Riddles Season 1
Pick the correct answers to each of the puzzling problems presented by the Riddler and his minions.
DC Picture Find: W-X-Y-Z Characters
Can you find the DC characters who begin with W, X, Y, & Z?
Missing Word: Comic Book Movies
Name the missing words from these comic book movies.
Superman Actors/Actresses
Deep down in his heart, Superman has to know that Batman looks waaay cooler.
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