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Superman Slideshow
Name the Superman character pictured in the slideshow.
Word Ladder: Caped Crusaders
Name the 3-letter words in this heroic ladder, citizen.
Silly Supervillain Slideshow
It's tough to be a bad guy when you have a very silly gimmick.
Lego Batman Characters
The only thing cooler than Batman is having a sweet Lego Batman, preferably as a keychain.
Justice League IDs
Pick the Justice League members' identities by matching from each column.
Superhero Line-Up
These superheroes sure do clean up nicely.
Clickable Batmen
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.
The Flash and Friends
Pick the names and facts about the Flash and his supporting characters.
DC Characters beginning with 'C'
Name the DC Characters beginning with 'C'.
Word Ladder: DC Comics
Name the words that fit into this DC Comics themed word ladder.
Superman Villains By Descriptions
Name the Superman Villains based on their descriptions.
Word Ladder: Batman Villains
Name the 4-letter words in this themed ladder.
Loki or The Joker?
If these two supervillains got together, the results would be both hilarious and terrifying.
Batman Villain Match-Up
These villains look pretty harmless when their names are separated like this.
Animated Superheroes
These are some awesome people to start Saturday mornings with.
Batman Movies
The most recent Batman film made just a hair more than the first one.
Superheroes: Nicknames and Taglines
Name the superheroes (and villians) that belong to these famous and sometimes obscure nicknames and taglines.
Superheroes Without 'Sporcle'
...are hardly superheroes at all.
Batman Villains By Identity/Description
Name the Batman Villains based on their secret identities.
DC Comics Characters By Identities
Name the DC Comics characters.
Word Ladder: Superman's Women
Name the words that make up this 4 letter word ladder.
Word Ladder: Who is Batman?
Name the 5-letter answers linking Batman's first and last names.
Schwarzenegger on Ice
If you like puns, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, welcome to your new favorite quiz.
Batman: The Animated Series Characters
Never underestimate a man in a cape.
Find the Real Superheroes
We're thinking of writing a Doctor Sporcle comic, but we still gotta work on the costume.
Wrestler or Supervillain?
The best ones are a little of both.
DC Comics' 52 New Titles
When in doubt, Reboot!
Word Ladder: Superhero
Name the 3-letter words in this themed word ladder.
Marvel and DC Teams
Name the Mavel and DC groups.
Colorful Superheroes/Villains
It would be hard to be a colorful superhero if your comic was in black and white.
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